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HP: 7,200

Ochu enemies can be fairly painful to deal with due to the number of negative status effects that they can hit your party members with. It will use a move called “Ochu Dance” which can inflict Darkness, Silence, Confusion and Slow on your party members.

Your best bet is to have a party member equipped with armor that protects against those various status effects. Alternatively, use Remedies and have Yuna cast Esuna to get rid of those statuses.

Ochu’s regular attacks will cause the Poison status effect. You can use an Antidote to get rid of it but you will find your party members constantly being hit by it, so just focus on taking down Ochu as quickly as possible rather than trying to counteract the Poison.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Vulnerable to fire.”
Scan “When HP is low, it performs Ochu Dance, which inflicts darkness, silence, confusion, and slow. Beware of its poison claws. Vulnerable to fire.”

Remedy (common)
Remedy (x2) (rare)

Power Sphere (common)
Mana Sphere (x2) (rare)


Can be found all along the Djose Highroad but they can also be found along the Moonflow. In fact, they are much easier to find along the Moonflow, so head to that pathway if you need to capture them.