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HP: 1,400

There is A Garuda that you will be automatically forced into battle against as you work your way from Besaid Village to the beach in the first portion of the game. You will also fight one while in Luca. These are the only Garuda that you can fight in these areas; the rest are all found along the Mushroom Rock Road.

Garuda are not too difficult to defeat, but you can make the battles against them much easier by having Wakka use Dark Attack to blind them and having Auron use Power Break to greatly reduce the amount of damage that they can do. They have fairly high HP, so Lulu’s Bio attack will also do a ton of damage to them.

Descriptions (In-Game)

Ability Description
Sensor “Dodging its attacks is easier after inflicting darkness.”
Scan “It has high strength and tons of HP. Beware of Sonic Boom, which hits all characters. Dodge its attacks more easily by inflicting darkness.”

Smoke Bomb (common)
Smoke Bomb (x2) (rare)

Power Sphere


They can be found anywhere along the Mushroom Rock Road. They tend to be more easy to find along the later sections of the pathway, especially on the elevated portions of the road near the elevators. A lot of players report success hunting for them in the area where Luzzu and Gatta were standing.