Besaid Village

As Wakka and Tidus enter the village, Wakka will ask Tidus whether he remembers the ‘prayer’. You will have two options: “I don’t remember” or “I don’t know any prayers.”

Wakka performing the prayer

Wakka will show you the prayer no matter which option you choose. Make sure you grab the treasure chest to the left of the starting area before you go venturing away from the entrance to Besaid Village. It contains a Phoenix Down.

Phoenix Down in Besaid Village

The next area to explore is the little alcove on the west side of town that is slightly faded out on the mini-map. Wander down there to find three chests collectively containing two Potions, one Hi-Potion and 400 gil.

Secret item area in Besaid Village

Don’t waste too much of your time exploring the village, however, you may want to investigate the Crusaders tent for more information about the Crusaders that Wakka spoke of if this is your first time playing the game.

There is a shop in one of the tents but you don’t need to purchase any items at this point.

Make your way into the temple at the north end of Besaid Village.

Tidus in the Besaid Temple

Besaid Temple

Walk towards the statues on the west side of the room and the temple’s priest will speak to Tidus. He will give Tidus a brief explanation of what High Summoners are and their purpose in Spira.

The entrance to Wakka’s lodge

You can now leave the temple and head over to Wakka’s lodge. Wakka’s lodge is the middle hut on the right shown in the screenshot below.

Agreeing to take a rest in Wakka’s Lodge

Besaid - House (Wakka’s lodge)

Speak to Wakka and then choose to take a rest when presented with that option. Tidus will experience some flashback scenes while he rests. The scenes involve Tidus and his mother back in Zanarkand as they discuss the fate of Tidus’ father, Jecht.

Flashback to Tidus’ past

Tidus will wake up in Wakka’s lodge alone. Head back outside in to the village.

There is now a small computer pedestal-type object in the Crusaders tent which you can use to access all kinds of tutorials for the game. Read through these tutorial sections if this is your first playthrough of the game as there are some tips and tricks that can be quite helpful.

Al Bhed Primer Vol. II

There is an Al Bhed Primer (Vol. II) to the right of the desk in the Crusader’s tent.

Also, if this is your first playthrough of the game, you may want to consider checking out the Tips and Tricks section of this strategy guide. Some sections will not be needed until further in the game but it may be helpful to start familiarizing yourself with the game’s mechanics.

Tutorial Screen

Go back inside the temple to find the priest and Wakka discussing the summoner and the Cloister of Trials. Tidus will ignore the priests directions not to go into the Cloister and will rush inside.

Wakka preventing Tidus from entering the Cloister

This is the first Cloister of Trials which you can now explore. There are a number of Cloisters that you will need to complete during your playthrough of the game. They are essentially a set of puzzles for you to complete.

Each Cloister of Trials section has its own page in this strategy guide and they have been separated in to the Cloisters section. Click on the link for more information.

The link below will take you directly to the Besaid Cloister of Trials walkthrough section:

Wakka will join Tidus as he reaches the end of the Besaid Cloister of Trials. He will explain that only guardians are allowed in the Cloisters and will tell Tidus more about summoners and guardians.

The two will enter the next room and be introduced to two more characters: Lulu and Kimahri. Lulu and Kimahri will eventually be joining your party.

The end of the Besaid Cloister of Trials

The group will discuss whether the summoner is alright before she eventually makes her exit from the Chamber of the Fayth (the back room of any temple). The summoner is Yuna, another character who will be joining your party, who will proudly announce that she has officially become a summoner.

Yuna summoning Valefor for the first time

Follow the group out of the temple and back into the center of the village to watch Yuna complete her first summon. Have Tidus walk over to Yuna once the scene has concluded to have the the two of them introduce themselves to one another (despite the loud protests of the people of the village).

Yuna meeting with the rest of the village

Talk to Wakka to ‘get some rest’. Tidus will have some strange dreams before waking up to overhear a conversation between Wakka and Lulu. This is the first time that the two of them will mention Wakka’s brother, Chappu. Wakka will tell Tidus a bit more about Chappu and the Crusaders when he re-enters the tent.

Listening in on Wakka and Lulu

You will wake up inside Wakka’s tent after all of the cutscenes. Do not forget to use the Save Sphere before you continue.

Tidus at the Save Sphere

Exit the tent to meet up with Wakka and Lulu. Wakka will give Tidus his first actual sword: Brotherhood. This sword will automatically be equipped to Tidus.

Wakka giving Tidus his first sword, Brotherhood

As you proceed along the trail you will be forced into a couple of scripted battles. These fights offer you an introduction to the battle techniques that you will need to utilize throughout the game.

Tidus leaving Besaid Village

As you work your way along the trail don’t forget to level up your characters using the Sphere Grid as you progress through the game. You will need to learn new abilities and gain additional stats in order to progress through the more difficult fights. Check out the Sphere Grid section for more information.

Wakka demonstrating some battle techniques

Follow the pathway using the red arrows on the mini-map. Once you get far enough along you will be thrown into the second battle.

The second fight involves an introduction to your new party member, Lulu, and teaches you how to use her magic spells. Follow Lulu’s instructions and use Thunder magic against Water-based enemies.

Lulu demonstrating the power of Thunder magic

Final Fantasy X is a unique entry into the series from a battle mechanics perspective. It is the first game that actively encourages players to swap different characters into and out of the battle during the middle of the fight; a feature that was not even possible in most of the other games.

Enemies in This Area

Because of this, while you may have a “primary party” of go-to team members that you prefer to use, there are circumstances where you will want to use nearly every character in battle during different sections of the game.

Besaid Island

Walk over to Wakka once you reach the top of the hill and you can choose either to “Pray” or to “Just Watch”. Choose whichever option you wish as it has no impact on the story.

Choosing whether or not to prey at the statue

Save your game at the Save Sphere and continue down the pathway until you encounter Kimahri.

Ambushed by Kimahri
Boss Battle: Kimahri (???)
Tidus battling against Kimahri

HP: 750

This next mini-boss battle is against a character who will be joining your team shortly.

Start off by using Tidus’ Cheer ability to make this battle a little easier. Cheer will raise Tidus’ strength and defense stats.

Kimahri is not hard. Just continue to attack him and use Potions if you need to until you have depleted enough HP and ended the fight.



Ability Sphere

Besaid - Waterfall Way

Continue working your way down the pathway and going through each of the tutorials as they come up.

Tidus wandering down the Besaid pathway

You will eventually arrive back at the beach where Tidus and Wakka first met. Save at the Save Sphere once again and then head over to the docks.

Demonstration of how to summon Aeons

Talk to all of the people in the crowd to receive a multitude of items including a Seeker’s Ring, an Ether, 400 gil and three Phoenix Downs. Speak to the boy on the wooden plank twice to receive a Remedy as well. Step onto the boat to head on to the next section of the journey.

Grabbing some of the items before jumping on the ship

The next part of the story takes place on the S.S. Liki.