A young man from the extremely reticent tribe known as Ronso. He has protected Yuna since her youth, but no one knows why. He can learn and use enemy techniques. - Instruction Manual

Wakka at the wedding in Bevelle

Overdrive: Ronso Rage

Celestial Weapon: Spirit Lance

Author’s Note: Kimahri is not a strong character or one that can be recommended for use at any point during the game. He is not as strong as Auron nor as fast as Tidus or Rikku.

Auron holding Masamune

His Overdrive, Ronso Rage, is one of the worst in the game. There is nothing specifically wrong with it - its just not as good as each of the other character’s Overdrives. It functions similar to the Enemy Skill Materia from Final Fantasy VII and to Quistis’ Blue Magic Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII. Check out the Overdrive section for more information.