Limit Breaks

Blue Magic - Quistis Trepe
QUistis using Blue Magic abilities

Quistis’ Limit Break works very similar to the way Enemy Skill Materia worked in Final Fantasy VII. Quistis can use certain items to learn new Blue Magic attacks.

Obviously you will be using Squall throughout the game as he is the primary character and, without a doubt, the strongest character in the game. Allow Squall to focus on regular attacks for the most part as Squall starts off the game with 255% maxed out hit which basically means he will never miss. Equipping him with Guardian Forces that focus on strength stats (such as Ifrit or Brothers) will make him infinitely more useful.

Blue Magic Learned Skills:

Item Blue Magic Description
(None) Laser Eye Regular damage to a single enemy.
Spider Web Ultra Wave Regular damage to all enemies.
Coral Fragment Electrocute Thunder damage to all enemies.
Curse Spike Lv? Death Casts Death on all enemies.
Black Hole Degenerator Removes an enemy from the battle.
Water Crystal Aqua Breath Water damage to all enemies.
Missile Micro Missile Gravity damage to all enemies.
Mystery Fluid Acid Poison damage to one enemy (plus potential status effects).
Running Fire Gatling Gun Regular damage to all enemies.
Inferno Fang Fire Breath Fire damage to all enemies.
Malboro Tentacle Bad Breath Casts various status effects on all enemies.
Whisper White Wind Restores HP to all party members.
Laser Cannon Homing Laser High regular damage to one enemy.
Barrier Mighty Guard Casts Shell, Protect, Regen, Haste, Float, or Aura randomly on party members.
Power Generator Ray Bomb Regular damage to all enemies.
Dark Matter Shockwave Pulsar (Griever’s Attack) Regular damage to all enemies - can exceed 9,999 damage.