A woman has overseen Yuna’s development along with Wakka. She thinks of Yuna as a little sister. With her calm composure, she is certain to give impression that her tone can be occasionally cold. She uses black magic. - Instruction Manual

Lulu on the deck of the S.S. Liki

Overdrive: Fury

Celestial Weapon: Onion Knight

Author’s Note: Lulu is not a very strong character. There are specific fights throughout the regular story where you will need to include Lulu for damage purposes, but her damage output drops off significantly and does not keep up with the characters you have access to.

Lulu with her Onion Knight

Her Overdrive (Fury) is in the exact same vein. While it does allow for multiple hits each magic spell hit, each spell cast does far less damage than a regular spell, making her Overdrive impractical to use. She is also a very slow character and does not get many attacks during the regular course of battle.