Besaid Island

Besaid - Beach

Tidus will wake up in the luscious and beautiful waters of Besaid Island. The group of islanders will wake him up by hitting him with a Blitzball.

Wakka on the beaches of Besaid Island
Tidus out in the beaches of Besaid

Before you swim over to the people standing on the beach, swim to the east to find a chest that contains the Moon Crest. The Moon Crest is used to create Yuna’s Celestial Weapon called Nirvana much later in the game.

Also travel to the left side of the screen to find a treasure chest up on the beach that contains an Antidote.

Swim over to the group of people once you’ve opened both chests. Wakka will ask Tidus if he “wants to try that move one more time?”. Tidus will tell them that he used to play for the Zanarkand Abes before he remembers Rikku’s advice about not telling people he is from Zanarkand.

Wakka will then invite Tidus back to Besaid Village.

Tidus swimming to the Moon Crest beach
Treasure Chest on the beaches of Besaid

Go to the northeast side of the beach to find Wakka standing in the center of the pathway. Wakka will provide Tidus with a quick explanation of what Sin is and what happened to the old cities of Spira. Save your game using the Save Sphere once the cutscene has ended.

Tidus following Wakka
Tidus at the Save Sphere

Besaid - Crossroads

Follow Wakka down the pathway and then speak to him in the next area. He will direct you to follow him and you can use the red arrows on the mini-map to make sure that you are going the proper direction.

Wakka will push Tidus into the water before jumping in himself. There are a few items that you can find within the valley though as you pass through.

Tidus swimming to the Moon Crest beach
Treasure Chest on the beaches of Besaid

Besaid - Valley

Start by swimming south and you will see a treasure chest under the water. Use the Circle Button to dive down and open the chest to receive a Phoenix Down.

Wakka pushing Tidus into the water
Underwater treasure chest in Besaid

Head further east within the water to find another treasure chest that contains a Hi-Potion. Follow the waterway along and you will find another treasure chest with two Antidotes.

Keep going until you initiate another cutscene where Wakka will ask Tidus to join his Blitzball team. Tidus will reluctantly agree to join the team.

Treasure chest underwater
Tidus agreeing to join the Besaid Aurochs

Besaid - Village Slope

The next scene involves Wakka giving Tidus an overview of the team’s Blitzball tournament history. Make your way to Besaid Village once it has concluded by following the pathway (or by using the red arrow on the mini-map).

Tidus and Wakka will come across Luzzo and Gatta, two Crusaders, as they make their way towards the Village. Wakka will tell Tidus about the Crusader’s lodge in the village.

Tidus and Wakka heading to Besaid Village
Wakka and Tidus heading down the trail

The game continues Wakka’s hometown of Besaid Village…