Besaid Cloister of Trials

The Cloister of Trials that you complete throughout the game are puzzles that must be completed in order to proceed. There are secret areas that you can reach in each of them if you follow the steps outlined in this guide. Some of the secrets are fairly obvious but most of them are difficult to find.

This is the first of the six Cloisters that you will face during your playthrough of the game. This trial begins after Tidus enters the Besaid Temple. Check out the Besaid Village walkthrough page for more details.

Let’s get started!

Start things off by examining the wall at the front of the room and touching the “strange glyph”. A second glyph will appear on the east wall. Touch the second one next.

Besaid Cloister of Trials Instruction Screen
Glyph at the entrance

Go down the stairwell that appears and examine (and take) the Glyph Sphere by pressing the X Button near the symbols on the wall.

Continue down the stairwell and examine the door at the bottom. Tidus will place the Glyph Sphere in the door which will cause it to open.

Removing the glyph from the crevasse in the wall
Placing the glyph in the wall

Take the Glyph Sphere out of the door and continue down the hallway. Insert the Glyph Sphere into the first recess you see on your left. The wall will move away revealing the Destruction Sphere (which you can ignore for now).

Removing the glyph from the hole in the door
Revealing the Destruction Sphere

Continue down the hallway until you come across a pedestal (on the left) with some glyphs on the opposite side of the hallway. Touch the glyphs across from the pedestal and then enter the room and obtain the Besaid Sphere.

Glyph on the opposite side of the wall
Placing the Besaid Sphere into the lit up wall

The Besaid Sphere can be placed in the pedestal directly across from this room. Inserting the Besaid Sphere will cause this wall to disappear and Tidus will push the pedestal into the room.

Placing the glyph in the pedestal across the way

The instructions given by the game indicate that you should move the pedestal set with a sphere to the correct place, but before you do this, go back and pick up the Destruction Sphere.

Place the Destruction Sphere where you found the Besaid Sphere. This will destroy the wall at the end of the hallway revealing a treasure chest. Open the treasure chest to receive the Rod of Wisdom.

Taking out the Destruction Sphere
The Reward for completing the Destruction Sphere: The Rod of Wisdom

Now go back to the pedestal and use the control stick to push it into the center of the room. Wakka comes will come down and join Tidus and this will conclude the Besaid Cloister of Trials. Click on the link below to return to the walkthrough section.

Pushing the pedestal to complete the Cloister
Tidus meeting up with Wakka inside the Besaid Cloister of Trials

The Right Thing

You will recieve The Right Thing Trophy after you successfully complete the Besaid Cloister of Trials. Unfortunately you won’t receive Trophies for completing any of the other Cloisters though for some reason...

The Right Thing Trophy