Walkthrough: Disc 2

Please note that the following walkthrough sections are full of spoilers. Do not read ahead if this is your first time playing through the game.

Summit Station
The Summit Station, Alexandria Station and the South Gate.

Summit Station

Dark City Treno
The City of Nobles - the slums, Knight’s House, King’s House, Card Stadium and the Bishop’s House.

Dark City Treno Title Screen

Gargan Roo
Traveling through Gargan Roo to reach the Outer Continent and returning to Burmecia to follow up with Zidane, Freya and Vivi.

Gargan Roo Title Screen

Climbing up the Cleyra’s Trunk to reach the top of the tree - Cleyra Settlement, and the scenes aboard the Red Rose.

Cleyra Settlement Title Screen

Alexandria Castle
Returning to Steiner and Marcus in Alexandria Castle and meeting up with the rest of the team to save Dagger.

Steiner and Marcus in the jail in Alexandria Castle

Pinnacle Rocks
Exploring Pinnacle Rocks to find each of the manifestations of the Eidolon, Ramuh.

Pinnacle Rocks Title Screen

Returning to Lindblum after Queen Brahne wreaks havoc on the the castle.

Attack on Lindblum Cinematic

Fossil Roo
Traveling through Fossil Roo from Qu’s Marsh to reach the Outer Continent.

Fossil Roo Title Screen

Conde Petie
Reaching the Outer Continent and hiking over to the town of Conde Petie above the canyon pass.

Conde Petie Title Screen

Black Mage Village
Exposing the secret Village of the Black Mages and learning about Vivi’s kin.

Black Mage Village Title Screen

Conde Petie Mountain Path
Returning to Conde Petie to explore the Mountain Path and find the Sanctuary - also meeting up with Eiko for the first time.

Conde Petie Mountain Path with Iifa Tree in the distance

Madain Sari
Visiting Eiko’s home town along the banks of the Lucid Plains before traveling to the Sanctuary.

Madain Sari, Village of the Lost Summoners Title Screen

Iifa Tree
Traveling back through the Conde Petie Mountain Path to visit the Sanctuary, otherwise known as Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life.

Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life Title Screen

Madain Sari (Revisited)
Returning to Madain Sari and meeting up with Amarant for the first time.

Dagger and Zidane in the boat in Madain Sari

Iifa Tree (Revisited)
The final trip to the Iifa Tree and the confrontation with Kuja at the end of Disc 2.

Ending of Disc 2