Black Mage Village

Magdalene Forest

You can reach the Black Mage Village by heading southeast from Conde Petie. You have to go all the way around the cliff face in order to reach the forest and access the village. Use the map and screenshot below to help you.

Black Mage Village on the world map
Black Mage Village / Dead Forest on the map

Friendly Monster Side Quest

There is a friendly monster called “Ladybug” in the forest around the Black Mage Village. Ladybug will not attack you - instead it will ask you for some Ore.

Use Ore items on Ladybug to end the battle. Ladybug will reward your team with 20 AP for the Ore which is incredibly handy for finishing off any Abilities that characters were learning.

Ladybug asking for Ore

Ladybug is one of many friendly monsters that you can find throughout the game. Check out the Friendly Monster side quest section for more information about where you can find the others and what type of rewards you can receive.

Movie Critic

Black Mage Village is one of the more problematic areas when it comes to obtaining the Movie Critic Trophy. It is extremely easy to miss ATEs in this area. As such, it is highly recommended that you create a Save Game in the world map outside of the Black Mage Village just in case you miss any and need to restart.

Movie Critic Trophy

Dead Forest / Grove

You start off by entering the Dead Forest where you will find a sign that reads:

<- Where there are owls
Where there are no owls ->

Dead Forest / Grove with the owls

You have to continue to take the path that leads to the area with no owls. Each time you take the correct pathway you will reach the sam area again but there will be one less owl sitting in the trees. The correct pathway is:

  • Right
  • Right
  • Left
  • Right
Following a Black Mage into the village after it removes the barrier

Black Mage Village

Your party will split up as soon as you enter Black Mage Village just as they always do. Vivi will chase after the Black Mages and Dagger will follow him while Quina will wander through the town looking for things to eat. You will have access to three Active Time Events (ATEs) as soon as everybody wanders off:

  • “Life On The Run”
  • “Gourmand’s Nose”
  • “Everyday Life”
  • “Visitor, Not Invader”
  • “Different Language”
  • “Life Cycle”
Movie Critic

In order to obtain the Movie Critic Trophy follow these steps:

  1. Watch “Everyday Life” once you gain control of Zidane.

  2. Climb the stairs on the right and take the right pathway into the next area and watch “Life On The Run”.

  3. Go in to the item shop using the back entrance and continue through it to exit out the other side and watch “Gourmand’s Nose”.

  4. Walk slightly to the left past the door to activate another ATE called “Different Languages”.

  5. Continue down left in to the cemetery and activate “Visitor, Not Invader”.

  6. Go back one screen and enter the Synth shop to activate a cutscene involving Dagger. An ATE will still be available before you leave called “Life Cycle”.

Zidane near Mogryo the Moogle outside the Chocobo Stable
More ATEs outside the Black Mage Village item shop
Movie Critic Trophy
Active Time Events - Life on the Run, Gourmand’s Nose, and Everyday Life

Start off by traveling to the northeast to find a Moogle named Mogryo. Mogryo will not be accessible very shortly so it is important that you make speaking with him one of your top priorities. Choose the Mognet option and Mogryo will give you a letter to deliver to Mocchi.

Enter the Chocobo Stable to find Quina standing next to two cornered Black Mages. There are some hidden Gysahl Greens on the right side of the stables that you can pick up.

There is an Item Shop in the next closest hut run by “Black Mage No. 163”. The regular items are on sale but you can also purchase Remedies and Hi-Potions at this store for the first time in the game.

There is also a hidden Ether on the left side of the room near the shelf. Exit the Item Shop on the left side and walk down the pathway to watch Vivi go running past (if you haven’t initiated the cutscene already).

Black Mage No. 163 in the Item Shop

Enter the next hut over to find Dagger speaking to the two Black Mages inside (again, if you have not initiated these scenes yet). This is the Black Cat Synthesis Shop - some of the nicer items up for sale include:

You will likely need to get some of your party members back before you can Synthesize some of the items as you may not have the necessary ingredients on hand.

Treasure chest containing 2000 gil in the Black Mage Synthesis Shop

There is a hidden chest at the back of the shop that contains 2,000 gil. You can also climb the ladder to the second floor to find a treasure chest at the end of the pathway that contains 843 gil.

Hidden stash of 843 gil on the roof of the Black Mage Synthesis Shop

Exit the Synthesis Shop, return to the entrance of Black Mage Village and enter the hut on the left side of the screen. This is the Weapon Shop where you can purchase some of the more modern weapons and armor (some of which are needed to synthesize the items listed above).

Weapon Shop in Black Mage Village

There is an Elixir hidden to the right of the Weapon Shop door on the outside of the hut.

Hidden Elixir outside of the Weapon Shop

Travel down the pathway to the right of the item shop and back towards the Inn in behind it. Vivi can be found back near the bunk beds. All four party members will meet up inside the Inn. When Dagger asks about Zidane, choose the “Rest” option to rest up your party.

Meeting up with Vivi at the back of the Black Mage Village Inn

There will be a short few cutscenes involving Vivi learning about Black Mages and death, and a flashback to Zidane’s earlier days, before the entire party will meet up at the entrance to Black Mage Village. There are a few additional things that you should do though before leaving.

Cutscene involving Vivi in the Black Mage Village with a pink moon in the background

There is another Stellazzio coin that can be picked up in the bedroom of the Inn. Search the right side of the room to find the Virgo Stellazzio, part of the Stellazzio side quest. Click on the link for more information.

Virgo Stellazzio near the bunk beds in the Black Mage Village Inn

Travel back up to the second floor of the Synthesis Shop and walk towards the lower edge of the catwalk for an Action Icon to appear.

Overhearing the Black Mages talking from the rooftop

Zidane will eavesdrop on the two Black Mages below who are having a conversation about the Item Shop owner - note that this step needs to be completed first. Go back to the Item Shop and speak to Black Mage No. 163 and ask him to “Give me the usual”.

Asking Black Mage No. 164 to Give me the usual

Travel up the ladder and hop on the bed to find a Black Belt. The Black Belt Add-On can be used to teach Vivi the Demi Black Magic spell.

Picking up the Black Belt on the second floor of the Black Mage Village Item Shop

Exit the Black Mage Village to automatically be transported back to the World Map. Travel back towards Conde Petie to continue the story. Or…

You can take this opportunity to do more Frog Catching though as part of the Frog Catching side quest. Click on the link for more information.

Depending on how quickly you completed the previous events, there is a chance that the nearby Qu’s Marsh will not have refilled with new frogs yet and you may have to skip this step for now.

Dagger suggesting that the party return to Conde Petie to find out more information about the Sanctuary