Walkthrough: Disc 3

Please note that the following walkthrough sections are full of spoilers. Do not read ahead if this is your first time playing through the game.

Returning to Alexandria
Returning to the castle to crown Princess Garnet as the new Queen of Alexandria and exploring the town as Zidane, Vivi and Eiko.

Alexandria Castle cinematic

Returning to Treno
Returning to Treno to compete in the Card Tournament, the Knight’s House Monster Challenge and the Village of Dali.

Card Tournament

Attack on Alexandria
Kuja’s attack on Alexandria using Bahamut, assembling the Knights of Pluto, summoning Alexander and battling the optional boss: Tantarian.

Alexander Eidolon guarding Alexandria Castle

Returning to Lindblum
Meeting with Dagger and Regent Cid inside Lindblum Castle, obtaining the Strange/Unusual/Beautiful Potions and boarding the Blue Narciss.

Zidane and Dagger in Alexandria Castle

The Blue Narciss
Using the ship to go to Esto Gaza, return to Alexandria, complete some Chocograph Hunting and head back to the Black Mage Village.

The controls for the Blue Narciss

The Desert Palace
Meeting up with Kuja and being sent to retrieve the Gulug Stone from Oeilvert on the Forgotten Continent.

Zidane speaking with Regent Cid in the Desert Palace

Traveling to Oeilvert, battling Ark and obtaining the Gulug Stone for Kuja.

Oeilvert Title Screen

Returning to the Desert Palace
Completing the mini-games as Regent Cid, exploring the Desert Palace with the second team and lighting all of the candles to retrieve the Bloodstones throughout the palace to disable Valia Pira.

Desert Palace Title Screen

Esto Gaza
Traveling to Esto Gaza on the Lost Continent on the way to Mount Gulug.

Esto Gaza Title Screen

Mount Gulug
Venturing through Mount Gulug, battling the Red Dragons and the final showdown against Zorn and Thorn.

Mount Gulug Title Screen

Lindblum and the Hilda Garde III
Returning to Lindblum Castle, obtaining the Hilda Garde III airship and completing a number of new side quests which become available.

Dagger after cutting her hair

Ipsen’s Castle
Exploring Ipsen’s Castle and retrieving the Four Mirrors in the final antichamber.

Ipsen’s Castle Title Screen

The Four Seals and Terra
Dropping off 2 team members at each of the four shrines, Zidane and Quina’s battle against the Earth Guardian and traveling through the Shimmering Islands to reach Terra.

Terra Title Screen

Bran Bal
Exploring Bran Bal, the city on Terra, meeting the Genomes and traveling to Pandemonium.

Bran Bal Title Screen

Zidane’s meeting with Garland, tracking him down through Pandemonium and the showdown against Garland and Kuja at the end of Disc 4.

Pandemonium Title Screen