Bran Bal

Zidane and Dagger staring at the Invincible

Steiner and Dagger will not be available for this next section of the game. You will have to replace either of them if they were in your party. Replace Dagger with Eiko if you were using Dagger and replace Steiner with any other character (Amarant, Quina, Freya and Vivi are all viable replacements).

Zidane entering Bran Bal for the first time

Go down the stairway leading to the left to enter the town proper and, to Zidane’s disbelief, all of the townspeople have tails and hair just like he does. Take an immediate U-turn to the left and take the pathway that goes beneath the stairs (shown in the screenshot below).

Pathway leading to the treasure chest that contains a Flash Hat

Follow the pathway over to the right side of the screen to find a treasure chest that contains a Flash Hat. The Flash Hat is a fairly powerful headpiece that Zidane should equip to begin teaching himself the Eye 4 Eye ability.

Go back up to the main town and enter the building on the far left side of the screen. Zidane will mention that this looks like a good place for Dagger to get some rest.

Zidane deciding that this is a good place to drop Dagger off

A short cutscene will take place with Eiko asking everyone in town for medicine but getting no response. Go back inside the Inn once you are back in control of Zidane and grab the treasure chest at the back of the room for a free Elixir.

Returning to the Inn to retrieve the Elixir from the treasure chest

Enter the building just north of the Inn. Skip past all of the creatures that look like Zidane casting a spell and go down the stairs. Examine the hole close to the screen to find another Elixir hiding inside.

The Laboratory in Bran Bal

Exit the building using the exit on the east side of the room and enter the next building on the right. This is the “Storage” room. Grab the treasure chest lying on the ground which contains a Wing Edge.

Examine the moving pot on the far side of the room to release Moorock the Moogle. Select the Mognet option and Moorock will provide you with a letter to Mozme. The Mogshop is full of new items including:

Holy Lance
Bistro Fork
Adaman Hat
Platinum Helm
Platina Armor

Basement of Bran Bal where the Mysterious Girl is located

Be sure to save your game before you leave the Storage Room. Leave the room and then reenter to find that Stiltzkin has now arrived. Speak to him and he will offer to sell you a Diamond, Ether and Elixir for 2,222 Gil.

Returning to the Storage Room to find Stiltzkin
Driving the Hard Bargain

You must purchase all of the available items from Stiltzkin each time he appears in order to obtain the Driving the Hard Bargain Trophy. This is a missable trophy as you cannot return to some sections of the game in order to buy items that you have missed.

Driving the Hard Bargain Trophy

Exit the storage room and head left back to the area outside of the Inn. Explore the pool of water on the northern shore to find a pair of hidden Angel Earrings. Go back into the laboratory and speak to the Mysterious Girl in red in the basement. Follow her when she goes back up the stairs.

Picking up the Angel Earrings in the pool of Bran Bal

After some more dialogue with the Mysterious Girl you will regain control of the game as Eiko. Feel free to watch the Active Time Event if you wish (it involves Quina meeting up with Zidane and discussing the large stone in the laboratory). There are more ATEs that appear as you wander around town as Eiko. Speak to each of the other party members as you find them to add them to your party (Quina, Vivi and Amarant).

Movie Critic

There are a total of four ATEs that become available when you gain control of Eiko. One which can be viewed once you first gain control of her (“Place to Call Home”), one which becomes available when you exit the inn (“Where The Heart Is”), another one which can be watched if you travel to the right of the inn (“Came Into The World”) and finally one which can be viewed in the area to the north into the Meeting Hall where Quina was (“The Truth”).

Make sure that you have watched all four ATEs if you intend to claim the Movie Critic Trophy.

Movie Critic Trophy
Eiko in Bran Bal with an Active Time Event
Zidane following the Mysterious Girl through Bran Bal

Go through the green light near where Amarant is standing and across the bridge. Follow the pathway and speak to the Mysterious Girl along the path to continue the story. The perspective returns to Zidane who reappears at the gates leading to Pandemonium.

Zidane on his way to meet with Garland
Zidane entering Pandemonium