Side Quests

Included below is a full list of the side quests that can be completed in the game, however the top link can be used as a guide for completing all of the end game content available in the game. This page provides you with step-by-step instructions for which quests to complete and in which order:

The full list of side quests is included below:

Blue Magic
A list of the magic spells that Quina can learn and use by selecting the “Blu Mag" command in battle.

Learning Aqua Breath Blue Magic

Tetra Master
Tips and tricks for playing the card game side quest available throughout Final Fantasy IX.

Tetra Master screenshot

Catching Frogs
Where to find each of the Qu’s Marsh locations and strategies for maximizing the number of frogs that you can catch during a regular playthrough.

Catching frogs in Qu’s Marsh

Treno Auction House
Information about the items that you can bid on at the Auction House and the details on how to resell some of the items to the local Treno citizenry.

Zidane standing at the front of the Treno Auction House

Friendly Monsters
Where to find each of the friendly monsters, including Yan. The rewards for completing this side quest includes a lot of AP and a Rosetta Ring.

Yan, friendly monster screenshot

Knight’s House Monster Challenge
A series of one-on-one battles that can be initiated in the Treno weapon shop by speaking to the Old Woman behind the counter.

Asking about the Knight’s House Monster Challenge

Ragtime Mouse
Running into the Ragtime Mouse on the world map and answering all of the true/false questions.

Battle against the Ragtime Mouse

Chocobo Hot & Cold
Findin the Chocobo’s Forest, Chocobo’s Lagoon and Chocobo’s Air Garden to dig up Chocographs with your Chocobo.

Chocobo Hot & Cold instructions

The locations of each of the hidden treasure chests that can be found using the clues from the 24 Chocographs.

Chocograph select screen

Rare Coffees
Collecting the legendary coffee beans for Morrid at the Observatory Mountain to receive the Mini-Prima Vista Ship prize.

Morrid legendary coffee beans

Kupo Nuts
Returning the Kupo Nuts you receive from Moogles throughout the game back to Moguta in Gizamaluke’s Grotto for an assortment of prizes, including the unique (but useless) Aloha T-Shirt.

Speaking to Moguta in Gizamaluke’s Grotto

Where to purchase each of the item sets from Stiltzkin and a list of all each of the locations where he appears.

Speaking to Stiltzkin in Burmecia

The locations of each of the Stellazzios needed to complete the side quest for Queen Stella in Treno.

Speaking to Stiltzkin in Burmecia

Chocobo Dive Spots
Using Dead Peppers to scrounge for treasure chests at each of the 5 Chocobo dive spot locations on the world map.

Dive Spot outside Quan’s Dwelling

Chocobo Mountain Cracks
Using Dead Peppers to dig for treasure chests at each of the 5 Chocobo mountain crack locations on the world map.

Chocobo Mountain Crack #1

Chocobo Beaches
The locations of each of the 21 beaches that need to be found to complete the Fat Chocobo’s mini side quest.

Watched the waves around the world and relaxed - the Chocobo Beaches side quest

Hippaul Racing
A mini-game that can be played at the start of Disc 3 in Alexandria. The rewards include some Tetra Master cards and the Queen Athlete key item.

Hippaul Racing in Alexandria

Traveling to an optional town available on the third disc using the Hilda Garde III (or a flying Chocobo) to complete a number of end game side quests.

Daguerreo Title Screen

Treasure Hunter
How to obtain the highest Treasure Hunter Rank S Award from the Four-Armed Man in Daguerreo.

Treasure Hunter Rank S

Completing the side quest to obtain the Magical Fingertip from the Treno Auction House to receive Excalibur as a reward from the Old Man in Daguerreo.

Obtaining Excalibur from the Old Man in Dagruerreo

Mognet Central
Delivering letters to Moogles in order to find the Superslick and obtain access to Mognet Central. The reward for completing this side quest is a Protect Ring.

Mognet Central Title Screen

Nero Family
A small side quest that goes hand and hand with traveling through Memoria and the Crystal World at the end of the game on Disc 4. You must travel back to Alexandria to watch cutscenes involving the Nero Brothers to obtain a Protect Ring.

Nero Family outside Tantalaus Hideout

Master Synthesist
Defeating Hades in Memoria on Disc 4 to gain access to the best Synthesis Shop in the game allowing you to purchase Tin Armor and create Pumice from Pumice Pieces to help Dagger learn to summon Ark (the most powerful Eidolon).

Initiating the battle against Hades in Memoria

Ultimate Weapons
Where to find the best weapons for each of the characters available in the game.

Dive Spot #5 - Ultimate Weapon

Excalibur II
Information on how to complete the hardest side quest in the game to obtain the strongest sword in the game (for Steiner).

Excalibur II in Memoria

The hardest battle against Ozma, the superboss, in the Chocobo’s Air Garden.

Ozma battle superboss