Hippaul Racing

Hippaul Racing is a mini-game that can be played at the beginning of Disc 3 in Alexandria. As soon as you leave this area and continue with the plot of the game you will never get the option to play it again.

Travel back to the entrance to Alexandria (where you first start the game with Vivi). Speak to Hippolady on the left side of the screen and, when asked if you would mind racing against Hippaul, select “I don’t mind”.

This mini-game has a key item called the “Athlete Queen” and this is the only way to obtain it. You will have to continue to attempt to beat Hippaul until you defeat him at level 80 to obtain the Athlete Queen.

Vivi speaking to Hippolady in Alexandria

The game is easy enough - just hit the two buttons (XButton and CircleButton) alternating as fast as possible. You can cheat at this mini-game if you have a turbo-style controller but other than that there is not much that you can do to make it easier.

One suggestion though is to customize the controller if you’d like to two buttons that are easier to hit (such as L1Button and R1Button). The rewards are not that great so don’t worry if you can’t do it.

Hippolady initiating the Hippaul Racing mini-game instructions

The rewards include:

Press Square and Circle alternatively
Vivi wins the Hippaul race