Final Preparations

Reminder: All of the end game content listed on this page to complete is entirely optional. You do not need to complete any of it if you wish to move forward with the story of the game and see the game’s actual ending.

The content listed on this page is for completionists who want to complete every aspect of the game, including side quests and trophies. In fact, completing all of the side quests and end game content will trivialize the final boss and make the last few fights in the story extremely easy. If you would prefer to move straight forward to the battle against Kuja, click on the link below:

Side Quests and End Game Content

Its time to tackle any of the side quests that you may have skipped past. It should be noted that some of the side quests are no longer available to complete, such as Hippaul Racing or the Nero Family side quest, but there are still a ton that you can do (if you have not done so already).

Start off by making sure that you have obtained all of Quina’s Blue Magic abilities:

Next you should travel around Gaia and find each of the friendly monsters that can be found in various areas of the game. If you have any friendly monsters left to find make sure that you utilize this opportunity to help level up some of your character’s skills and abilities. Each friendly monster that you find will reward you with a ton of AP points:

Have you found and answered all of the Ragtime Mouse’s questions? Check out the Ragtime Mouse page for tips on how to speed up your encounter rate with the quizzer:

The largest and most complex side quests involve Choco the Chocobo. These quests include finding all of the Chocographs, the Dive Spots, the Mountain Cracks and the beaches. Complete each of these quests now if you have not done so already:

The Mognet Central side quest is easy to complete and nets you a fairly nice reward. You may have already completed it while finishing the Chocobo Mountain Cracks side quest. Complete it now if you have not already done so:

You have most likely already visited the optional town of Daguerreo, but if not, make a trip there now and make sure that you have completed all of the mini-quests available there (Treasure Hunter, Excalibur):

Within Daguerreo, you can complete a short side quest to obtain the Excalibur weapon for Steiner:

Daguerreo is one of the last locations where a Stellazzio can be found. Complete Queen Stella’s Stellazzio side quest now if you have not done so already. Each of the Stellazzios can still be found even at the end of the game:

The reward for completing the Stellazzio side quest is a Hammer. The Hammer can be used to synthesize Steiner’s most powerful armor. Head back to Memoria and visit the Master Synthesist / Hades if you have not done so already:

Completing all of the side quests and traveling through Memoria should ensure that you have obtained each character’s most powerful weapon. Use the list below to make sure:

You have now completed nearly all of the side quests available. The pages below can be used to level up your characters quickly which may be required if you intend to defeat Ozma or if you plan to obtain all of the trophies available in the game:

The last and final thing to do in Final Fantasy IX is obtain all of the trophies that are available. Check out the Trophies page for more information on how to obtain them all:

Congratulations. You have mastered Final Fantasy IX! All that’s left to do now is complete the final boss battle against Kuja.