Friendly Monsters

The friendly monster side quest involves locating a number of creatures around the world map in the forested areas. You can find each of them in any order that you prefer, however you cannot find the last Friendly Monster (Yan) until you have found all 8 of the other monsters. Finding Yan before you have found the others will cause it to run away.

When you encounter one of the friendly monsters listed below, it will ask you for an item of some type. You will have to select the “Item” command and ‘use’ the item on the monster.

Mister Nice Guy

You need to befriend each of the Friendly Creatures in the game in order to obtain the Mister Nice Guy Trophy. Normally, this trophy would not be missable, however, do keep in mind that you will need to have the required Jewels in your inventory to give to each of the Friendly Creatures. Be careful not to sell or synthesize too many of them!

Mister Nice Guy Trophy


Located in the Gunitas Basin on the Mist Continent, in the plains near the Village of Dali.

Mu will ask for 1 Ore and the reward is a Potion and 10 AP.

Mu on the battlefield
Offering an Ore to Mu - the friendly monster


Located in the plains around the Village of Dali and near the Bentini Heights just outside of Treno on the Mist Continent.

Ghost will ask for 1 Ore and the reward is a Hi-Potion and 10 AP.

Ghost on the battle field
Offering an Ore to Ghost


Located in the Magdeline Forests around the Black Mage Village.

Ladybug will ask for 2 Ore and the reward is an Ether and 20 AP.

Ladybug close up
Offering Ore to Ladybug


Located in the forests near Madain Sari or in the plains near Gizamaluke’s Grotto and Burmecia.

Yeti will ask for 2 Ore and the reward is an Elixir and 20 AP.

Yeti on the battlefield
Offering Ore to Yeti


Located in the Pualei Plains near the Iifa Tree.

Nymph will ask for 3 Ore and the reward is an Emerald and 30 AP.

Nymph on the battlefield
Offering Ore to Nymph


Located in the Seaways Canyon, in the forests near Oeilvert on the Forgotten Continent.

Jabberwock will ask for an Emerald and the reward is a Moonstone and 40 AP.

Jabberwock on the battlefield
Offering Emerald to Jabberwock

Over the Moon

In order to obtain the Over the Moon Trophy you will need to obtain all four Moonstones that are available in the game. This means that you will have to complete this mini-quest in order to obtain the trophy.

Over the Moon Trophy

Feather Circle

Located in the Mitmakis Ice Field on the Lost Continent (near Esto Gaza).

Feather Circle will ask for a Moonstone and the reward is a Lapis Lazuli and 30 AP. Note that giving A Moonstone to the Feather Circle will not impact your ability to obtain the Over the Moon Trophy.

Feather Circle on the battlefield
Offering Moonstone to Feather Circle


Located in the Popos Heights forests which can be reached by climbing up the ladder near Moguta in Gizamaluke’s Grotto shown in the screenshot below. The forest is located just above.

Garuda will ask for a Lapis Lazuli and the reward is a Diamond and 40 AP.

Climbing the ladder in Gizamaluke’s Grotto
Garuda on the battlefield
Offering Lapis Lazuli to Garuda


Located on the Vile Island (which is just southwest of the Iifa Tree). Yan will should “Have you met the others?” and run away if you have not found all of the other friendly monsters involved in this side quest.

Approaching the Vile Island on a flying Chocobo

Yan will ask for a Diamond and the reward is a Rosetta Ring and 50 AP.

Battle against Yan friendly monster on Vile Island

Finding Yan completes this side quest and also affects the final battle against Ozma by making it vulnerable to Shadow-based damage.