The Stellazzio side quest involves collecting Stellazzios from around the world and returning them to Queen Stella. She will provide you with a reward for each one that you return to her.

Queen Stella telling Zidane that she is missing the last Stellazzio coin
Queen Stella sending Zidane to find the last Stellazzio, Ophiucus

Queen Stella can be found in Treno near the Synthesis Shop as shown in the screenshots above. The locations of each of the Stellazzio coins is listed below along with a list of rewards that you will receive for turning them in.

In the Village of Dali inside the Windmill room behind the pillar on the wall.

Aries Stellazzio in the Windmill room of the Village of Dali

At the entrance of Burmecia behind a wooden box in the middle of the first street.

Cancer Stellazzio behind the wooden block in Burmecia

Located in Quan’s Dwelling. It can be found near the pool after climbing down the rope.

Obtaining Scorpio Stellazzio in Quan’s Dwelling

Examine the fountain at the entrance of Treno and choose to “Throw in 10 gil”. The Stellazzio will appear after doing this 13 times.

Obtaining the Gemini Stellazzio from the fountain in Treno

Search the area behind the Item Shop stall in Treno (shown in the screenshot).

Taurus Stellazzio in Treno

Located in Black Mage Village on the right side of the Inn (near the beds).

Picking up the Virgo Stellazzio inside the Inn in Black Mage Village

Explore the area behind the fountain at the entrance of Madain Sari.

Examining the area behind the fountain in Madain Sari to find the Libra Stellazzio

Located in Alexandria Castle near the huge Neptune Statue that also doubles as a transit vehicle to the docks.

Taurus Stellazzio in Treno

Can be found in the Business District on the left side of the main plaza of Lindblum (where the pickles were sold).

Sagittarius Stellazzio in the plaza of Lindblum business district

Located on the right side of the main hall of Daguerreo.

Picking up the Capricorn Stellazzio in Daguerreo

Located on the right side of the entrance of Ipsen’s Castle.

Finding the Aquarius Stellazzio in Ipsen’s Castle

Is found in a treasure chest aboard the Invincible Airship once you have access to it.

Pisces Stellazzio aboard the Invincible Airship

This last Stellazzio can be found in the exact same place that Scorpio was located in Quan’s Dwelling and only appears after you have obtained and turned in all of the other Stellazzios.

Picking up the Ophiucus Stellazzio in Quan’s Dwelling


The rewards that you receive are based on how many Stellazzios you have turned in and do not change depending on which specific Stellazzio you have. They are as follows:

1 - 1,000 Gil
2 - Phoenix Pinion
3 - 2,000 Gil
4 - Blood Sword
5 - 5,000 Gil
6 - Elixir
7 - 10,000 Gil
8 - Black Belt
9 - 20,000 Gil
10 - Rosetta Ring
11 - 30,000 Gil
12 - Robe of Lords
13 - Hammer

The Hammer is used to create the strongest armor in the game for Steiner called Tin Armor. This can be created by accessing the Master Synthesist in Memoria (click on the link for more information).

Receiving the Hammer from Queen Stella