Summit Station
Start of Disc 2

The South Gate at the start of Disc 2
Dagger at the Summit Station

Dagger and Steiner will talk for a short while after they step off the cable car. Walk across the platform and through the doorway on the right side of the screen to find the “rest area”. There is a treasure chest on the bottom-left side of the screen that contains a Phoenix Down.

Speak to Nazna the Moogle and select “Mognet” to give her the letter from Grimo. Talk to Nazna again to pick up a letter for Mochos. Note that Nanza will not give you the letter if you don’t talk to her again! Nanza will also provide you with another Kupo Nut if you took the previous one back to Gizamaluke’s Grotto. Check out the Kupo Nut side quest section for more information.

Phoneix Down in the treasure chest at the Summit Station
Speaking to the Chef and purchasing items at the Summit Station

Speak to the shop owner towards the bottom of the screen. You can pick up the following items:

Air Racket
Mythril Rod
Glass Armlet
Silver Gloves
Mythril Gloves
Steepled Hat
Magus Hat
Rubber Helm
Iron Helm
Bronze Vest
Linen Cuirass

Along with regular consumable items ( Potions, Tents, etc.). You should purchase a Mythril Rod and a Barbut. The Mythril Rod is not stronger than the Multina Racket that you picked up at the base but it does teach a number of useful spells including Life, Silence and Shell.

You should also purchase as many Steepled Hats again as you can in preparation for completing the Cotton Robe Trick again. Check out the Tips and Tricks section for more information on this gil earning trick.

Dagger speaking to the ticket taker at the Summit Station
Dagger on the cable car

Talk to the man behind the counter on the left side of the screen to continue the story. He will tell you that the cable car to Alexandria is on its way. Exit the waiting area after Dagger hears the familiar voice to find Cinna and Marcus waiting outside. Return to the waiting area for some more dialogue. Hop on the train to continue.

Steiner, Dagger and Marcus engaging the Black Waltz 3
Black Waltz 3

The cable car will stop after going part of the way to Alexandria. Time for your next boss battle…

Boss Battle: Black Waltz 3

Level: 9
HP: 1,292

The second battle against Black Waltz 3 is fairly easy. Black Waltz will not attack Dagger so have her focus on healing the other party members.

The only difference between this version of the fight and the previous one is that Black Waltz can now cast a spell called Freeze. This spell will inflict the “Freeze” status on a character and that character will shatter if they are subsequently hit by a regular attack (instantly killing them). Have Marcus use Steal until you obtain all three items listed below.

Note that Black Waltz does not automatically win this battle if only Dagger is left alive. Instead, it will start attacking itself, which makes the battle almost impossible to lose.

Boss battle against Black Waltz 3
Boss battle against Black Waltz 3

Steepled Hat (common)
Lightning Staff (uncommon)
Flame Staff (rare)

· (Nothing)

A video of the battle is included below:

Dagger will continue to question why the group of Black Waltz enemies keeps trying to track her down. Marcus and her will chat when they get back inside the train car and Dagger will reveal her decision to accompany Marcus to Treno as he searches for the Supersoft to save Blank.

Princess Garnet outside the cable car at the Alexandria Station

Alexandria Station

You can and should take the opportunity to equip Marcus, your new party member, with some equipment. He is not a permanent party member but he will be with you for a while.

Speak to “Part-Time Worker Mary” if you need to purchase any items before being on your way. Head into the next area and you will find a split path. Going left leads back to the Village of Dali and the Observatory (where you can go to pick up some items if you would like) and the right path leads to the city of Treno.

Princess Garnet outside the cable car at the Alexandria Station
Princess Garnet at the fork in the road at Alexandria Station

Revisiting the Village of Dali (Optional)

Take the left path to head back to Dali. Speak to the Guard and use your newly acquired Gate Pass to get through the gate. Use the screenshots below to help you find your way back to Dali which you should recognize from your previous visit.

Princess Garnet standing at the South Gate
The South Gate on the World Map

Start off by purchasing another 99 Wrist armors again once you arrive for completing the Cotton Robe Synthesis Trick. Check out the Tips and Tricks section for more information.

Princess Dagger on the World Map near the Village of Dali
Princess Garnet in the Dali Village shop

Travel through the exit at the back of the village towards the garden. There used to be an old lady blocking the way but you can now obtain the treasure chest in the garden which contains an Elixir.

Princess Garnet in the Dali Village shop

That’s all for the Village of Dali. Now it is time to head back to South Gate…

South Gate

Travel back to the South Gate again and back to the fork in the road. Speak to the Guard and use the Gate Pass to get back through and this time take the right pathway when you reach the fork.

Using the Gate Pass to get back through the South Gate
Princess Garnet at the South Gate bridge

Jump across the bridge and then follow the steps downward to find a treasure chest that contains 1,610 gil. Continue following the pathway to the right and speak to the Guard (by trying to walk through the gate) to have him lower the gate for you. Continue through to reach the world map on the other side of the chasm.

Treasure Chest that contains 1,610 gil at the South Gate
Exiting the South Gate

Bentini Heights

Treno is fairly easy to spot - it’s the large city not too far from the South Gate. There are a few other optional areas that you can explore first though. Continue past Treno following the forested area until you reach a small cave on the side of the mountain.

Princess Garnet in front of the Bentini Heights
Passing by Treno

Friendly Monster Side Quest

You may run in to a friendly monster in the Bentini Heights area surrounding Treno named Ghost. This creature will ask you for an Ore and is part of the Friendly Monsters side quest. Click on the link for more information.

Tracking down Ghost and completing providing it with Ore will reward you with a free Hi-Potion and 10 AP, which is a great reward to help your characters finish learning some of their abilities.

Princess Garnet in front of the Bentini Heights
Passing by Treno

Quan’s Dwelling (Optional)

There are no enemy battles while you are wandering through Quan’s Dwelling. Follow the pathway through to the back of the cave and grab the treasure chest on the lower platform to pick up a free Ether.

Walk over to the opposite side of the cave where you can see the rope hanging down and climb down it to find another treasure chest with another Ether inside. There is also a hidden Scorpio Stellazzio at the southern most part of the cave - search around until you find it. You can touch the hot spring to restore your HP and MP.

The entrance to Quan’s Dwelling from the World Map
Quan’s Dwelling Title Screen

Go through the pathway at the back of the cave to find a room with a ladder. Climb the ladder to find a third Ether that has been placed on one of the shelves.

Go through the exit on the right side of this room to find one last area within Quan’s Dwelling. There isn’t much to do here except examine all of the surroundings which has an impact on the story later on in the game when the team returns to this dwelling with Vivi in the party.

Inside Quan’s Dwelling on the rope
Quan’s Dwelling

Exit Quan’s Dwelling and travel back to Treno to continue the game.

Movie Critic

In order to obtain the Movie Critic Trophy you need to view all of the ATEs while inside Treno. Ensuring that you are able to watch them all though is not easy. Make sure that you keep track of which ones you watch and compare it to the list on the next page. Also, it is recommended that you save your game outside of Treno in case you miss any and need to restart!

Movie Critic Trophy