Realm of Eternal Rain - Walkthrough

Burmecia from the World Map
Burmecia on the Mist Continent World Map

There are a couple of quick lines before Freya, Zidane, Vivi and Quina (assuming you picked Quina up in Qu’s Marsh - check the Gizamaluke’s Grotto section for more information) enter Burmecia, the Realm of Eternal Rain.

You can obtain a new Blue Magic ability in Burmecia by having Quina eat a Magic Vice enemy shown below. This will teach Quina the Magic Hammer ability. Magic Vice’s have 297 HP.

You can also find an enemy called an Ironite in this area that can teach Quina the Angel’s Snack ability.

Learning Magic Hammer from a Magic Vice

There is an item hidden behind the small wooden box in the middle of the first street. Search behind it to find the Cancer Stellazzio. There’s something kinda funny/morbid about the game telling you that you’ve “Received Cancer!”.

Cancer Stellazzio hidden in the chest

Your party will run into Zorn and Thorn again in the next screen forward. They will throw two more Type A Black Mages at you which are easy to defeat.

Zorn and Thorn in the Burmecia residence

Travel through the doorway on the left side of the stairs (at ground level). There is a chest on the right side of the room that contains a Soft and another on the left side of the room that contains a Potion. Go back out into the street and take the stairway up to the second level.

Stairway in Burmecia

Many of the treasure chests in this area are not actually treasure chests. They transform into an enemy called a ‘Mimic’ as soon as you touch them and you will be forced into battle.

The treasure chest on the top balcony of this room is a Mimic so don’t touch it. But there is a hidden treasure chest on the bottom floor behind the stairwell that contains a Soft.

Obtaining a Soft from a treasure chest

Climb the stairs up to the upper floor and proceed through the doorway on the left side of the screen. The doorway on this outdoor balcony is locked so walk across to the other side.

Balcony in Burmecia
Obtaining the treasure chest from the upper walkway

Travel back outside of the house (where you met up with Zorn and Thorn and fought the Black Mages) and take the door on the left side of the screen (the room where you found the Potion and Soft). Take the stairs up to the second level and cross the platform that you dropped from the floor above.

The treasure chest in this room is another Mimic which you can ignore. You can also pass through the next room which looks like it has a bunch of hidden treasures scattered about but it does not. Zidane will automatically jump from one balcony over to the next.

Zidane jumping between the two platforms

The next room is a bedroom with a wounded soldier lying near the wall on the right. Speak to him to find out that there is a bell hidden underneath the bed.

You have to go around to the far side of the bed, away from the camera, to find the hidden bell (a Protection Bell key item). On the left side of the room is a hidden treasure chest that contains an Ether.

The hidden Protection Bell

Travel all the way back to the room/balcony on the right side of the house with the locked door (shown in the screenshot below). You can use the Protection Bell in the next room on the locked doorway at the back.

There are a few more lines of dialogue as Freya and the team run into “Burmecian Soldier Dan”. Run past him up the stairway in the the next area.

The bell shattering after being used on the locked door

Uptown Burmecia

Go through the doorway on the main level for another short scene involving Wei and Kal. Watching this scene will allow you to watch an Active Time Event later on in the game once you return to Lindblum.

Opening the two treasure chests in Uptown Burmecia
Movie Critic

You must watch this scene involving Wei and Kal in order to trigger an ATE later on in the game. This is a requirement for obtaining the Movie Critic Trophy. Make sure that you watch Wei and Kel if you intend to obtain the Trophy later on.

Movie Critic Trophy

Take the stairwell up and use the broken statue to cross between the two balconies over to the left side. There are two treasure chests that you can pick up as soon as you enter - one contains a Tent and the other contains a Phoenix Down.

Entering the upper area of Burmecia

Following the balcony around leads to another treasure chest which is actually a Mimic in disguise, so don’t open it. Instead, take the large doorway at the back of the room which leads to an outdoor Square with a fountain in the middle of the room.

Take the doorway on the left side of the Square to find the Armory. Freya will pull a spear off the large statue at the back of the room which is the Mythril Spear. Don’t forget to equip her with it before you leave. The doorway on the right side of the Square leads to a room called the Vault, where you can find Alta the Moogle.

Picking up the Mythril Spear in the Armory

You can save your game, provide Alta with the letter from Mogki, and use the “Mogshop” to stock up on any items you may be lacking. Alta will give you a Kupo Nut once you give her the letter. You can purchase the following items from the Mogshop:

Needle Fork
Glass Armlet
Mythril Gloves
Steepled Hat
Magus Hat
Barbut (a good item to pickup for Freya)
Bronze Vest
Linen Cuirass
Phoenix Downs
Echo Screen
Eye Drops

Open the treasure chest at the very back of the room to obtain a Lightning Staff. This will prompt a Moogle named Stiltzkin to appear at the entrance to the room. Stiltzkin will offer to sell you three items for 333 gil: a Soft, a Hi-Potion and an Ether.

Alta the Moogle with its Mogshop

You should always purchase items from Stiltzkin whenever he appears as you can obtain some nice rewards later on in the game for consistently purchasing from him (a Ribbon accessory, specifically). Check out the Stiltzkin side quest section for more information.

Driving the Hard Bargain

You must purchase all of the available items from Stiltzkin each time he appears in order to obtain the Driving the Hard Bargain Trophy. This is a missable trophy as you cannot return to some sections of the game in order to buy items that you have missed.

Driving the Hard Bargain Trophy
Running into Stiltzkin

Besides the Kupo Nut and the Chocographs, if you do decide to exit Burmecia, you can take this opportunity to return to Qu’s Marsh to catch more frogs. Check out the Catching Frogs side quest section for more information on how to complete this mini-game and what types of rewards you can receive. Again, all of this is not recommended but it is available to do if you choose.

You have an upcoming boss battle so make sure that your party is fully healed. Use a Tent by speaking to Alta if you have enough available. You’ll be given three options when you reach the King’s Castle after Freya goes silent: “Talk to her”, “Leave her alone” or “I wonder if Dagger’s alright…”. Select “Leave her alone” to continue the story.

Zidane and Freya staring at Beatrix and Queen Brahne

Zidane will follow Freya up into the thrown room and you will get to watch a few flashback scenes involving Freya and Sir Fratley. The whole crew will rush in and ambush Queen Brahne, Kuja and Beatrix leading to your next boss battle against just Beatrix.

Boss Battle: Beatrix
Close up of Beatrix

Level: 14
HP: 3,630

The goal of this fight is to stay alive - the battle is timed and will automatically end after Beatrix’s 10th turn or if you manager to get her HP down to 0. She will end the battle by using one of two moves; either Stock Break or Climhazzard, which will bring each party member’s HP down to 1 and end the fight.

Use Potions and Hi-Potions to keep each of your party members alive and move them to the back row (if you left them up front) to ensure that they take minimum amounts of damage. You can move a character to the back row on their turn by holding Left on the control pad and selecting “Change”. You can also change their position from the menu screen. Check out the Front and Back Row tips and tricks section. Have Vivi use his Slow spell on Beatrix because she is vulnerable to that particular status effect.

Try to have Zidane Steal each of the items listed above, but note that the Mythril Sword is incredibly difficult to steal (1/256 odds). It is a good weapon, but not good enough to waste too much time trying to obtain it.

If you are having trouble with this fight make sure to start each character off in the back row and equip a character with the Coral Ring (to absorb her lightning-based attacks) and Silk Shirt (which reduce lightning-based damage by 1/2).

Boss battle against Beatrix

Phoenix Down (common)
Chain Plate (uncommon)
Mythril Sword (very rare)

· (Nothing)

A video of the battle is included below:

There are another few cutscenes after the fight and then it’s on to Disc 2!

Kuja cinematic