Return to Lindblum Castle

Movie Critic

There is the third problematic area of the game when it comes to obtaining the Movie Critic Trophy. There are ATEs in this section of the game that are very easy to miss. It is recommended that you read ahead so that you are prepared if you intend to obtain this trophy.

Movie Critic Trophy

The game continues with Zidane waking up in the Guest Room of the castle. Try to walk down the stairs and Zidane will be intercepted by Blank coming from below.

Movie Critic

You must select the “Where’s Dagger?” option when Zidane wakes up in order to view the “My Bad” ATE for the Movie Critic Trophy. Do not go to the Throne Room or back in to the guest room until you have viewed the “My Bad” ATE.

Movie Critic Trophy

Open up the two treasure chests in this room. One contains an Elixir while the other contains an Egoist’s Armlet. Speak to Mogki the Moogle and select the Mognet option to pick up the letter for Moodon. Attempt to leave the area and Blank will run up the stairs.

Returning to the Guest Room of Lindblum Castle
Active Time Event in Lindblum Castle

Leave the area and watch the Active Time Event that pops up (“Something Washed Ashore”) involving Quina. It will only appear if you watched the “Hallucination” ATE back in Treno. Travel to the elevator and choose to go down to the Base Level.

Choose to ride to the Dragon’s Gate and locate the treasure chest behind the platform for a free Remedy. Ride the Castle Trolley to Serpent’s Gate to find another treasure chest on the far side of the platform that contains a Chimera Armlet.

Obtaining the Remedy from the Dragon’s Gate
Obtaining the Chimera Armlet at the Serpent’s Gate

Travel back to Base Level and then ride the elevator up to the Upper Level. Take a left up the stairs and up to the telescope to find Dagger. Watch the “My Bad” Active Time Event after speaking with Dagger to watch a short cutscene involving Blank.

Head down to meet up with Blank who will explain that Regent Cid is awaiting Zidane in the Regent’s Chamber. Go north into the next room, up the stairs and through the doorway.

Zidane climbing up to the top of the Castle
Zidane meeting with Dagger at the top of Lindblum Castle

Zidane, Cid and the rest of the team will meet up on the lower floor and a few Active Time Events will automatically initiate including “Self-reproach” and “Deep Anger”.

Zidane will announce at the end of the meeting that he is going to go looking for Dagger again. This time she can be found in the Guest Room where Zidane originally woke up.

Meeting with Regent Cid
Finding Dagger back in the Guest Room

Zidane and the company decide that they first need to acquire an airship, and in order to do that then need to help Regent Cid return to his normal form. Doctor Tot suggests that this can be done by creating a special potion out of three different potions - the Strange Potion, Unusual Potion and Beautiful Potion. The next quest involves obtaining all three.

Unusual Potion, Beautiful Potion, Strange Potion for Regent Cid
Fly to the Business District

Watch the next Active Time Event (“My Hammer”) and then exit Lindblum Castle by riding the elevator to the Mid Level and catching the Air Cab to the Business District.

Stop by the Inn on the opposite side of the street give Moodon the letter from Mogki. Travel north into the next area and search the left side of the screen for the Sagittarius Stellazzio.

Giving the letter from Mogki to Moodon
Sagittarius Stellazzio in the Business District of Lindblum Castle

The two treasure chests in Card Freak Gon’s house have been refilled again - one contains an Elixir and the other contains a Remedy.

Speak to Alice in the square with all the shops and ask her about the Beautiful Potion. It turns out that she has it on her and is willing to give it to Zidane for free. Travel to the Theater District next.

Sagittarius Stellazzio in the Business District of Lindblum Castle

A short cutscene will take place as soon as Zidane reaches the Theater District involving Kal and Wei (as long as you saved them earlier on back in Uptown Burmecia) as well as an ATE called “The Rally”. Enter the Studio and open up the treasure chest to obtain a Lapis Lazuli.

Movie Critic

You need to have watched the scene in Uptown Burmecia on Disc 1 involving Kal and Wei in order to trigger viewing of “The Rally” ATE and obtain the Movie Critic Trophy.

Movie Critic Trophy

Ask the “Self-proclaimed Artist Michael” in the Studio about the potions. He will say that he has never heard of them but will tell Zidane that if he finds any in the studio he is free to take them. Search amongst the junk on the left side of the screen to find the Strange Potion.

Kal in the Theater District
Picking up the Strange Potion in the Artist’s House

Head down the stairs towards Tantalus Hideout to initiate some more dialogue between Zidane, Marcus and Cinna. Zidane will ask Cinna about the Unusual Potion which Cinna will retrieve from inside the hide out.

Head back into the hideout again before you leave the Theater District and open all the chests to receive 1,273 gil, 970 gil and 4,826 gil.

Movie Critic

The final Active Time Event in Lindblum is difficult to trigger without knowing how to do so in advance. This ATE must be viewed in order to obtain the Movie Critic Trophy.

You must now spend all of your gil and have less than 50 gil on you. Travel to the town square in the Business District and spend all of your gil. You can do this by stocking up on items or, worst comes to worse, buying items and selling them at a loss.

The upcoming Active Time Event is called “Give Me My Money”. More details will follow below.

Movie Critic Trophy

Return to Lindblum Grand Castle and back to Regent Cid’s chambers to initiate another scene.

Unusual Potion in the Theater District
Regent Cid asking whether the potion worked

Zidane will provide the mixed potions to Doctor Tot who will then administer the combined potion to Regent Cid. Rather than being restored, Regent Cid will be transformed into a frog.

Movie Critic

Another optional ATE becomes available after providing the three potions to Regent Cid after you leave the royal chamber called “No Free Lunch”. This ATE must be viewed in order to obtain the Movie Critic Trophy. Make sure to leave the Royal Chamber.

Movie Critic Trophy

The last ATE in this area can also be viewed but only IF you spent all of your gil as instructed above. Take the aircab to the Business District after having watched the “No Free Lunch” ATE to meet up with Quina.

Movie Critic

The final ATE is called “Give Me My Money” and it will only be available if Zidane has less than 50 gil on him. This ATE must be viewed in order to obtain the Movie Critic Trophy. The ATE becomes available when the team boards the Blue Narciss.

Zidane offering all of his gil during the No Free Lunch ATE

Movie Critic Trophy

The team will decide to take the stolen ship from Alexandria and will agree to meet at the Base Level. Ride the trolley down to the Serpent’s Gate, go down the dock and hop on board the ship.

Meeting inside Lindblum Castle
The Serpent’s Gate

The next destination is the Black Mage Village but there are a ton of side quests that you can complete now that you have access to the Blue Narciss.

Boarding the Blue Narciss