The Blue Narciss

The next destination is revisiting the Black Mage Village, but there are quite a few side quests that you can take care of now that you have access to the Blue Narciss ship. You can skip this entire section though and head straight to the Black Mage Village though if you wish - just skip down to the “Black Mage Village” heading down below.

You can use this opportunity to acquire 4 new Blue Magic spells for Quina:

- Earth Shake from Adamantoise (~3,600 HP) which can be found near the Lanar Island Marshland
- Bad Breath from an Anemone (~3,600 HP) which can be found on Lanar Island inside Qu’s Marsh
- Roulette from a Zombie (~ 1,000 HP) near the Iifa Tree
- LV5 Death from a Whale Zombie (3700 HP) on the Eastern Lost Continent
- * If you have not obtained it yet: LV4 Holy from a Feather Circle (~600 HP) in the Mitmakis Ice Field on the Snowfields of the Lost Continent
- * If you have not obtained it yet: Auto-Life from a Gimme Cat on Lanar Island near Qu’s Marsh

Learning Earth Shake Blue Magic from Adamantoise
Learning Bad Breath Blue Magic from an Anemone

Learning Roulette Blue Magic from a Zombie
Learning LV5 Death Blue Magic from a Whale Zombie

Lanar Island is located in the south-westernmost section of the map and is part of the Forgotten Continent (which is the only one you have not visited yet). Lanar Island has a dark green spot in the center representing Qu’s Marsh.

You can also take this opportunity to catch more frogs in Qu’s Marsh for the frog catching side quest. There are three Qu’s Marshes that you can reach - one on the first continent (Mist Continent), one on the second (Outer Continent) and a third one located on Lanar Island on the southwest continent (Forgotten Continent).

Head back to Gizamaluke’s Grotto to return another Kupo Nut to Mugato for the Kupo Nut side quest to receive an Extension as a reward. This is the first time the reward for completing the side quest is fairly nice and not just some consumable.

Leaerning LV4 Holy Blue Magic from a Feather Circle
Picking up an Extension during the Kupo Nut side quest in Gizamaluke’s Grotto

Esto Gaza

There is a new area that you can reach now that you can sail Gaia in the Blue Narciss. Travel to the Lost Continent (the frozen north western continent) and look for a small town on the southeast corner. Disembark on the southern beach and then travel west towards the grey buildings shown in the screenshot below.

Approaching Esto Gaza on the World Map
The entrance to Esto Gaza

There isn’t much that you can do in Esto Gaza right now but there is a shop inside the structure and to the right. You can purchase a multitude of items here including Mythril weapons (Mythril Dagger, Mythril Sword, etc.).

Esto Gaza weapon shop
Mythril weapons in the Esto Gaza weapon shop


There are a ton of items that you can pick up in Alexandria. Sail the Blue Narciss over to Alexandria on the Mist Continent and search for a harbor near the water (shown in the screenshot below). You can locate it easily by finding it on the World Map.

Docks to Alexandria on the World Map
Zidane on the Docks of Alexandria

Take the moving statue to the Castle and search the area near the gondola dock to find an Opal, a Sapphire and a Peridot. Ride the gondola over to the opposite side of the shore and enter Alexandria Town.

Hidden items around the north shore of Alexandria
Picking up a Sapphire hidden in the rubble

Search the docks on the south shore to find 4,832 gil and a Topaz hiding on the ground behind the two platforms that jut out north. Search the entrance to the shop to find a pile of 365 gil and then search the south section of the square to find a Remedy and an Amethyst. Speak to the girl running around the center of the square to receive an Alexandria Card.

Picking up on Topaz on the southern shore of Alexandria
Hidden Remedy and Amethyst in the rubble

Head south from the square and look on the left side of the screen amid the rubble to find an Ether. Head south one more screen and search the left side for another Sapphire. Return to the square and head west down the alleyway.

Search the area on the right side of the entrance to the Steeple for a Tent and you are done in Alexandria.

Chocograph Hunting

Note: This section is part of the Chocobo Hot & Cold side quest and Chocograph side quest. Click on either of the links for more information or if you did not start these quests back on the Mist Continent in Disc 1 and 2.

Travel to the Chocobo Forest on Mist Continent and enter with your Chocobo (by using a Gysahl Green while standing on the Chocobo tracks to call forth a Chocobo). Mene the Moogle will be missing when Zidane first enters the forest but will return to tell Zidane about an island called Palmnell to the southwest. Mene will automatically mark the spot on the map after he tells you about it.

Speaking to Mene in the Chocobo Forest about Palmnell Island
Chocobo’s Lagoon on the world map

Exit the area and check the mini-map to find a new area to the southwest identified as Chocobo’s Lagoon. You are too far away to reach it now, so hop back into the Blue Narciss (leaving Choco behind) and sail over to the Lagoon. You can’t actually reach it at this point though and will require a Chocobo with the Reef Ability (after obtaining Chocograph #4) in order to reach it. Travel to the island to the west of it, call a Chocobo using a Gysahl Green and then travel over to the lagoon. The pathway is a little bit difficult so use the video below to assist you:

You now have access to both the Chocobo Forest and the Chocobo Lagoon and you can dig up the following Chocographs. The list below indicates where you can find the Chocograph as well as what abilities your Chocobo needs to have in order to be able to dig up the Chocograph in that location:

Chocograph Location Abilities Required
1) Streamside Forest (None)
2) Between Mountains Forest (None)
3) Uncultivated Land Forest (None)
4) Healing Shore Forest (None)
5) Abandoned Beach Forest (None)
6) Cold Field Forest (None)
7) Forgotten Lagoon Lagoon Reef Ability
8) Faraway Lagoon Forest Reef Ability
9) Abandoned Lagoon Lagoon Reef Ability
10) Bird’s-Eye Lagoon Forest Reef Ability
11) Small Beach Forest Reef Ability
12) Dawn Lagoon Lagoon Reef Ability
13) Forbidden Forest Forest Mountain Ability
14) Green Plains Forest Mountain Ability
15) Dusk Plains* Lagoon Mountain Ability
16) Forgotten Plains* Forest Mountain Ability
17) Sea at Dusk Lagoon Ocean Ability
18) Ocean Lagoon Ocean Ability
19) Cold Lagoon Forest Ocean Ability
22) Outer Island 2* Lagoon Ocean Ability

* You cannot currently reach these Chocograph locations at this point in the game.

Essentially, you need to revisit each of the two areas each time you obtain a new ability. You will obtain the Reef Ability by finding Chocograph #4: Healing Shore. You can obtain the Mountain Ability by finding Chocograph #12: Dawn Lagoon. You can obtain the Ocean Ability by finding Chocograph #14: Green Plains.

You currently can find all of the Chocographs except #15, #16 and #22.

You can also find the first of many Mountain Cracks which you can use Dead Peppers on. You can dig up a Dead Pepper in either the Chocobo Forest or the Chocobo Lagoon after you have obtained the Mountain Ability (from locating Chocograph #12: Dawn Lagoon).

Travel to the Outer Continent (the frozen continent located to the northwest) and search the northeastern area to find a small hole. Use the screenshot below to help you find it.

Hidden Remedy and Amethyst in the rubble

There are also four Dive Spots that you can find now that you have a Chocobo with the Ocean Ability. You will need to use a Dead Pepper to dive in each of the locations listed below. The locations are marked on the world map with bubbles indicating where to dive. Check out the Chocobo Dive Spots side quest page listed below. You can fully complete the side quest up to the fourth Dive Spot at this time:

The last thing that you can do now that you have a Mountain Chocobo is reach a few of the South Gate locations. The first South Gate arch is the Bohden Gate and it is located on the side of the mountain shown in the screenshot below. Speak to the guards to get by with your Gate Pass and then grab the treasure chest at the top of the wagon to receive an Elixir Card (as well as the Multina Racket if you missed it earlier).

South Gate Bohden on the World Map
Bohden Gate Elixir Card on the wagon

The second South Gate (Treno Arch) is located north of this one on the opposite side of the mountain. It can be found in a small valley with a river in front of it (shown in the screenshot below). There are two treasure chests with Elixirs (one in the front and one further back) and a treasure chest up near the actual gate.

South Gate Treno Arch on the World Map
Items at the South Gate Treno Arch

Treno Auction House

You can also return to the Auction House to bid on a Promist Ring or Thief Gloves.

Lastly, take this opportunity to do some more frog catching as part of the Frog Catching side quest at each of the Qu’s Marsh locations.

It is now time to continue with the story. Take the Blue Narciss to the southern beach of the Outer Continent and travel to Black Mage Village.

Black Mage Village

The team will arrive to find Black Mage Village completely deserted. Walk back to the cemetery to find Vivi speaking with Black Mage No. 288. Follow Vivi over to the Chocobo Stable on the opposite side of the Village. Black Mage No. 288 will tell Vivi and Zidane about the Desert Palace and where to find it at the end of the sequence.

Vivi in the Black Mage Village
Zidane and Vivi looking at a Chocobo in the Black Mage Village

Exit the village and travel back to the Blue Narciss. Sail the boat eastward until you reach a huge beach area shown in the screenshot below. Dock the boat on the beach and head northward until you reach an area with four sand pits in the center of the desert also shown in the screenshot below.

The Blue Narciss approaching the Desert Palace
Desert Palace sand pits

Three of the four sand pits will occasionally have puffs of sand that appear as you observe them. These three sand pits are traps that will throw you into battle against an Antlion enemy if you touch them. The fourth sand pit, with no puffs of sand, is the entrance to the Desert Palace.