Desert Palace

Zidane will wake up in a cell with Regent Cid. Kuja will speak to the two and explain that he needs Zidane and his team to help him on a quest. Zidane will be given two choices: “I have no choice” or “Never!” - it does not matter which you select. Move forward and stand between the two Black Mages to continue the story.

Zidane choosing what to do in Desert Palace
Zidane and Regent Cid in the Desert Palace

Kuja will explain that he is sending Zidane and his team to a place called Oeilvert, a place located south of the Seaways Canyon on the Forgotten Continent, to retrieve a Gulug Stone. Kuja is unable to go because there is an anti-magic barrier around Oeilvert. He will then ask Zidane to select three additional party members to go with him.

Kuja discussing Oeilvert in the Desert Palace
Zidane choosing party members in the Desert Palace

As Kuja mentioned, there is an anti-Magic barrier around Oeilvert, which means that any party member that goes with Zidane will not be able to use magic-based attacks. You will have to complete a dungeon with both teams that you create though so it is important to keep them as balanced as possible:

- Zidane will automatically be heading to Oeilvert
- Vivi has entirely magic-based attacks so he should stay at the Desert Palace
- Dagger still cannot concentrate and has lost her voice, she will be a liability to either party
- Steiner could be useful to either party
- Freya can obtain her best weapon if she travels with Zidane to Oeilvert
- Quina has access to a Blue Magic spell called LV5 Death which can be used on all enemies (with the exception of the final boss) in the Desert Palace
- Eiko can still cast healing spells but not at Oeilvert with the anti-magic barrier, so she should stay
- Amarant could be useful to either party

The parties should be split as follows:

Oeilvert Desert Palace
Zidane Quina
Dagger Eiko
Freya Vivi
Steiner/Amarant Steiner/Amarant

Kuja will summon each of the party members that Zidane selects to come join him. Run up the stairs after Kuja warps the team out of the room and over towards the Hilda Garde 1.

The airship will automatically take the team to the Forgotten Continent (the only continent that was unreachable while sailing on the Blue Narciss ship).

Boarding the Hilda Garde III to head to the Forgotten Continent
Forgotten Continent Title Screen

Forgotten Continent

Touch the Hilda Garde at any time to speak to Zorn and Thorn and you can access a small shop if you need to purchase any of the regular items. There are a few things that you can do in this area if you managed to complete some parts of the Chocobo Hot & Cold side quest and if you managed to obtain the Mountain Ability for your Chocobo.

There is a Qu’s Marsh just north of where the Hilda Garde III lands and there are some Chocobo tracks just north of there. Use some Gysahl Greens to call forth Choco. There are two Chocographs that you can now dig up if you obtained them before heading to the Forgotten Continent:

- Chocograph #15: Dusk Plains
- Chocograph #16: Forgotten Plains

You can also reach two more Mountain Cracks on the Forgotten Continent:

- Mountain Crack #2
- Mountain Crack #3

If you brought Quina with you to the Forgotten Continent (which you shouldn’t have) you can use this opportunity to go Frog Catching at Qu’s Marsh and you can also pick up the Earth Shake Blue Magic spell from an Adamantoise in the area.

Make sure to equip Freya with the Dragon’s Hair lance (if you found Mountain Crack #3) as this is the strongest weapon for her in the game.

Friendly Monster Side Quest

You can find another Friendly Monster in the forests of the Forgotten Continent. This creature is called a Jabberwock and it asks for an Emerald. Give it one and it will give you a Moonstone and 40 AP. A great prize that will help you learn abilities extremely quickly.

That being said, you may want to save this side quest for later if your party if full of characters that you are not planning on using later on in the game. Why level up abilities on character that you don’t plan to use? You can always bring your main party back on Disc 4 if you’d like.

Finding the Jabberwock is part of the Friendly Monsters side quest. Click on the link for more information.

Battle against the Jabberwock
Giving an Emerald to the Jabberwock

Finding Oeilvert

Oeilvert’s location is marked on the map. It is south of the Hilda Garde 1 drop off location in the center of the Forgotten Continent and shown in the screenshot below.

Oeilvert on the World Map Screen