Continue down the pathway as Zidane after arriving through the gate. There are a few more cutscenes that take place as soon as you reach the next room involving Garland.

Pandemonium Title Screen

Zidane will automatically be thrown into battle against another Amdusias which you most likely already fought assuming you completed the first parts of the Knight’s House side quest.

Zidane following Garland through Pandemonium
Boss Battle: Amdusias
Zidane attacking Amdusias

Level: 42
HP: 6,578

Zidane will start this battle off by himself, but after a certain amount of time he will be joined by Freya and Amarant.

Amdusias does not hit too hard, so focus on keeping Zidane alive until Amarant and Freya join the battle and then use regular attacks to bring it down. The next fight begins immediately after this one.

Zidane in a Trance and joined by Freya and Amarant

Ether (common)
Tent (uncommon)


Zidane immediately moves in to the next room and the next battle starts immediately.

Boss Battle: Abadon
Quina and Steiner battling Abadon

Level: 58
HP: 12,658

This battle is significantly easier than the last. It involves just Quina and Steiner and Zidane joins in later. Make use of Quina’s Blue Magic abilities, such as White Wind and Mighty Guard to keep Quina and Steiner’s HP up. One more mini-boss battle after this one.

Zidane joining Quina and Steiner

Garnet (common)
Vaccine (uncommon)
Phoenix Pinion (rare)

Garnet (uncommon)
Vaccine (rare)

Boss Battle: Shell Dragon
Zidane battling Pandemonium

Level: 54
HP: 10,921

Again, the items here are not worth stealing, so ignore them. Shell Dragon is much more difficult than the previous bosses. It can use a move called Smash which will reduce a party member’s HP down to 1 HP.

Focus entirely on remaining defensive until Dagger shows up. Once Dagger arrives, have her cast Float on both herself and Zidane to prevent Earth Shake from doing any damage. Have her focus on healing both herself and Zidane while Zidane attacks Shell Dragon with regard physical attacks until it is defeated.

Zidane and Dagger battling Pandemonium

Phoenix Down (common)
Elixir (uncommon)

Elixir (common)
Hi-Potion (uncommon)
Vaccine (rare)

You now have a full party again consisting of Zidane, Dagger, Steiner and Quina. Go through the doorway and back into the previous rooms until you reach the rest of the party.

Moorock has appeared behind the party. You can speak to him to save your game, use a Tent, shop in the Mogshop (make sure you have a healthy stockpile of Vaccines) or switch party members again.

Party standing in front of Moorock the Moogle in Pandemonium

Travel all the way back to the throne room to pick up the Holy Miter by examining the throne.

Zidane picking up the Holy Miter from the throne

Continue westward until you reach a room with a number of blue orb-like objects in scattered across the room in rows. Press the button right near the entrance and each of the orbs will light up with blue light.

Once you start moving around only a select few orbs will stay lit up. If you are near one of the orbs that are lit up you will be thrown into battle which will exhaust the remainder of the 30 second timer and cause you to fail the challenge.

The best way to complete this challenge is to run around the outside pathways so that you stay away from as many of the orbs as you can. You have to make it out of the room and across the bridge before the timer expires.

Getting past the blue orbs while the timer runs

The next room has a strange-looking red orb surrounded by a number of orange spikes in the rock. This is an elevator which can be operated by examining the orb. You have the option of selecting a “Standard Heading”, a number between 1-5, which is the number of floors to increase or decrease.

Choosing the Altitude and Heading of the elevator in Pandemonium

If you activate the elevator enough times you can watch an Active Time Event called “Elevator” which then enables you to just select a floor. Messing with this switch changes the directions and landing areas of the elevator in the next room.

Opening the treasure chest to obtain 200007 gil
Movie Critic

This is the last and final Active Time Event required to obtain the Movie Critic Trophy. Unfortunately, if you do not receive it, you may have missed one of the ATEs. Refer to the full listing on the Trophies page.

Movie Critic Trophy
Climbing the pathway to the top of Pandemonium

Set the “Standard Heading” to 3 and then go into the next room using the exit to the left. Travel to the upper platform and jump on the elevator and use it to treasure chest at the top to obtain 20,007 gil. Return back down the pathways to the elevator afterwards.

Entering the elevator area to get to the top of Pandemonium

Set the “Standard Heading” to 4 this time and then return into the room on the left. Approach the closest elevator drop off spot on the bottom floor right side (as shown in the screenshot below) and ride it up one level. Follow the platform all the way to the top floor, call up the elevator and then ride the elevator up one floor.

Stand on the teleportation platform on the right side of the screen and use it to teleport to the floor above. All of the blue and red pads in this room are teleportation pads that take you to different spots in the Pandemonium maze.

The final floor with the teleportation pads

Take the blue teleportation pad to the left side of where you spawn and follow the platform around to a treasure chest and open it to obtain Carabini Mail. This armor can be used to teach the Auto-Regen ability to your armor wearing characters including Freya and Steiner.

Teleportation pad room

Travel back to the blue teleportation pad and this time take the other blue teleportation pad on the right side of the platform. There is a treasure chest close by that contains an Elixir.

Use the red teleportation pad to return to the previous room (“Go Down One Floor”) and this time take the teleportation pad on the far left side of the room using the exit at the bottom of the screen.

Teleportation pad on the left side of the room

Follow the pathway right until you reach a fork in the road and take the pathway leading south to the lower blue teleportation pad. Follow the pathway to the next teleportation pad which is close by and then up to the treasure chest which contains a pair of Battle Boots.

Opening a treasure chest to obtain Battle Boots

Go all the way back to the fork in the road and take the blue teleportation pad at the end of the pathway leading north. The pathway leads up to the top of the maze where you will find Mozme the Moogle standing.

Make sure to save your game and to select the Mognet option to provide Mozme with the letter form Moorock. You will also receive another Kupo Nut if you delivered the previous one (check out the Kupo Nut side quest section for more information).

Speaking to Mozme the Moogle

There are a couple of boss battles coming up so you should spend some time preparing your party. Setup your characters with equipment that you have that has Wind and Lightning resistance. This includes the Coronet, Gauntlets and Ribbon which work wonders, which all reduce Wind-based damage. Equip each of your characters with the Locomotion ability as well to prevent the Stop status effect.

Proceed into the next room when you are ready (and only after saving your game and using a Tent). Mozme will warn you that there is danger up ahead as you move into the next room.

Boss Battle: Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon guarding Garland

Level: 58
HP: 34,055

The Silver Dragon is the creature that Kuja previously rode into battle. Make sure you get Zidane started on attempting to steal the Dragon Mail and Kaiser Knuckles before the battle has concluded.

Silver Dragon has a number of attacks to watch out for. It will perform two attacks, Aerial Slash and Twister, which are both Wind-elemental attacks, so if you managed to equip your party members with Wind-resistance armor and accessories, this battle will be much easier. It will also use Claw on a single target and Shockwave on multiple targets both of which are physical attacks.

This boss is susceptible to Sleep, Slow, Silence and Blind, so cast each of those spells at will until they take (and especially if you are attempting to have Zidane steal both items that Silver Dragon possesses).

Boss battle against the Silver Dragon that Kuja rode

Elixir (common)
Dragon Mail (uncommon)
Kaiser Knuckles (rare)

Wing Edge (common)
Elixir (uncommon)

A video of the battle is included below:

The next battle begins immediately afterwards.

Boss Battle: Garland
Boss battle against Garland

Level: 62
HP: 40,728

Garland is also susceptible to Silence and Darkness (Blind) status effects, so hit him with both of them while Zidane focuses on stealing all three items in Garland’s possession, as they are all very nice items. It will also prevent him from casting spells.

Garland will cast a spell called Flare which does damage to a single party member and will cast Stop from time to time (hopefully you have the Locomotion Ability equipped to all of your characters to prevent it from taking affect).

Boss battle against Garland in Pandemonium

Battle Boots (common)
Ninja Gear (uncommon)
Dark Gear (rare)

· (nothing)

A video of the battle is included below:

The last and final battle in this sequence begins after another short cutscene.

Kuja speaking to Garland in Pandemonium
Boss Battle: Kuja

Level: 64
HP: 42,382

Kuja’s main attacks are magic-based spells, specifically Thundaga and Demi. Your best defense against them is to have either Dagger or Eiko cast Shell on all of your party members. If you use the Reflect spell (or cast Carbuncle which automatically casts Reflect on all party members) Kuja will continuously use a move called Flare Star repeatedly which can be devastating. So don’t use Reflect!

Regular healing should be enough to defend against his regular attacks. Stealing the Light Robe can be incredibly difficult, but made slightly easier if Zidane has the Master Thief Ability equipped. The Light Robe is a great item though so it is certainly worth trying to obtain (though you may already have one if you found Chocograph #18).

Boss battle against Kuja in Pandemonium

Ether (common)
Carabini Mail (uncommon)
Light Robe (very rare)

· (nothing)

A video of the battle is included below:

Zidane following Dagger back to Bran Bal

There are a few cinematic and cutscenes that take place after the battle. Follow the pathway back to Bran Bal - it is entirely linear so you can’t get lost.

Zidane escaping Terra

Zidane and Dagger will eventually reach Bran Bal where they will split up to gather all of the genomes. The team will make their escape in the Invincible airship.

Zidane following Dagger back to Bran Bal past the eyes