Cleyra’s Trunk

The base of Cleyra’s Trunk with the walkway pictured

Before you reach the actual city of Cleyra you will need to climb up “Cleyra’s Trunk”. Start off by equipping each of your characters with any new equipment you might have obtained in Treno.

There are three new abilities that Quina can learn while scaling the trunk including:

There are also some annoying enemies in the area called Sand Golems in the area. Use magic-based attacks on the Gem (you have to target it specifically) to make easy work of the fight.

Battle against a Sand Golem

Follow the pathway along into the next area. The doorway in the next area is locked but you can open it by pulling a lever up the stairs to the right of the door. Travel through it to continue.

The next area contains a treasure chest with another Phoenix Down in it. Continue into the next area after you have obtained it.

The entryway to Cleyra’s Trunk

The next room has sand pouring out of the holes in the walls into a large sand pool in the middle of the room. Start off by grabbing the treasure chest at the bottom of the screen which contains Magician Shoes.

There is another treasure chest hidden behind the tree on the back wall that contains an Ice Staff. Exit this room on the right side.

Inside the sand room in Cleyra’s Trunk

The next area is on the exterior of the trunk and you can see the whirlwind in the background. Follow the pathway up (ignoring the vines for now) and take the doorway back into the trunk to find a small room with another treasure chest. It contains an Ether.

The exterior of Cleyra’s Trunk with the sandstorm in the background

There is also a hole in the bottom right side of the trunk - examine it and put your hand into it to release a flow of sand down into the room below.

Exmining the hole on the upper floor

Travel back to the exterior of the trunk and climb the vines leading to the upper level. Take the second set up vines up through the hole in the stone structure. This will lead you back into the previous room which has now flooded with sand.

Climbing up the vines on the exterior of Cleyra’s Trunk

There are treasure chests on the upper pathways which you cannot reach at this point. Travel through the doorway on the left side of the room.

Entering the upper room after it has filled with sand

There is a treasure chest on the left side of the room (at the base of the river of sand) that contains a Needle Fork. You should already have stolen this weapon from Zaghnol during the Festival of the Hunt in Lindblum.

Go up one level and grab the next treasure chest for a free Tent. Speak to Monev the Moogle on the left side of this room to save your game and to deliver the letter from Alta. Continue up the sandy pathway that leads up the tree trunk.

The next room of Cleya’s Trunk

Take the left pathway at the fork in the road and pickup the Flame Staff in the treasure chest at the end of the path. Take the other pathway up the stairs to the right and then cross the bridge.

In the large cavernous room there is a treasure chest on the far right side of this room that contains a Remedy. There is another treasure chest hidden behind the root in the middle of the room that contains a pair of Desert Boots (a great pair of boots for Dagger later on in the game).

The next layer of the Cleyra’s Settlement

There is one final treasure chest hidden in behind and to the left of the one that contains the Desert Boots. Use the screenshot below to help you find it. The last treasure chest contains a Mythril Vest. Exit the room by walking through the cave at the very back.

The final hidden treasure chest with the Mythril Vest in it

You will emerge in front of a treasure chest that contains a pair of Mythril Gloves. Grab the gloves and then continue past the chest until you reach a lever which Zidane can pull. Choose to pull the lever and then return to the previous room in the cave and take the exit out the left side.

Emerging near the treasure chest with the Mythril Gloves

Grab the treasure chest with the Potion on your way by and then walk up the pathway on the right side. This leads back to the area with the lever where you can now open the treasure chest to pick up an Elixir. Return to the previous room and continue walking along the upper-left pathway.

Zidane pulling the switch

The whirlpool room - the whirlpools will suck Zidane into the center when he gets too close. Press the XButton as fast as you can whenever you get too close.

You can attempt to get the two treasure chests out of this room if you would like to; one contains a Hi-Potion and the other contains 900 gil.

The whirlwind room in Cleyra’s Trunk

The items are not very valuable so don’t worry about obtaining them if you are having trouble getting past the whirlpools. Zidane will jump out of the whirlpool in the direction he is facing whenever you push the XButton enough times, so you can time this to aim for the treasure chests. Exit the room on the west side to continue.

Pressing the X button to escape one of the whirlpools

This is the area of Cleyra’s Trunk where you can battle against a Zuu (1,149 HP) to teach Quina the White Wind ability. White Wind is an extremely useful healing ability for Quina and is worth picking up while you are in this area.

Heading around the Cleyra’s Trunk

Follow the pathway along and grab the treasure chest before climbing up the ladder for some free Gysahl Greens.

Climb the ladder and go up the stairs to initiate a short cutscene as you enter Cleyra Settlement.

Ladder leading up to Cleyra Settlement

Cleyra Settlement

Sand Oracle Satrea will take Freya to meet with the King of Burmecia, meanwhile Forest Oracle Kildea will offer to be your guide and show you around the town. Even if you are unfamiliar with the town of Cleyra it is advisable that you do not accept the tour and choose “No thanks”.

The entrance to Cleyra Settlement speaking to the Oracles

The tour is far too long and goes into far too much detail about each of the areas. Some pictures of the tour have been included below in case you think you will be missing anything:

The source of water in Cleyra Settlement
The liveliest part of town - the town center of Cleyra Settlement
The windmill in Cleyra Settlement
The observatory of the Cleyra Settlement

As you are traveling through the town you will be prompted to watch a number of Active Time Events (ATEs). These include “No Yummy-Yummies!”, “There a Mushroom!”, “Don’t Hate Me” and “I-I Haven’t Hurt Anyone”.

No Yummy-Yummies!
Don’t Hate Me and There’s a Mushroom!
I-I Haven’t Hurt Anyone

There are a few areas of the town that you can check out including the Inn and Shopkeep (Star Maiden Nina). The four ATEs will pop up as you navigate between the different areas of Cleyra Settlement.

Watch all four ATEs and then travel back down to where Sand Oracle Satrea and Forest Oracle Kildea were standing near the entrance and walk past them to find Quina standing there at the sandpit. Speak to Quina for a quick scene that leads Zidane and Quina back down into Cleyra’s Trunk.

Zidane coming across Quina near the entrance

Grab the two treasure chests for a free Silk Robe and a pair of Magician Shoes.

Zidane and Quina landing in part way down Cleyra’s Trunk

You now have to travel all the way back up to Cleyra Settlement with just Zidane and Quina in your party. Start by climbing down the vines to the lower level and then head left through the tunnel. Follow the same pathway that you did before and run away from battles if you need to as you make your way back up to the top.

There is another hidden treasure chest near the Sandpit that contains 970 gil.

The treasure chest with 970 gil near the sandpit

Travel up the first stairway past Forest Oracle Kildea (but not through to the next screen) and search the right side of the landing for another treasure chest that contains a Phoenix Pinion. Continue up the stairs and take the left pathway leading to the Water Mill Area.

The Phoenix Pinion treasure chest on the second landing

There is another hidden item in the center of the platform of the Water Mill Area. Use the screenshot below to help you find it. Searching that area will reward you with some Thunder Gloves.

The hidden Thunder Gloves near the source of water

Take the pathway to the right leading to the Town Area and search the right side of the screen to find a hidden Ore among the flowers.

The hidden Ore near the Inn

Burmecian Soldier Dan can be found one platform up standing out front of the Inn. Speak to him a few times and he will offer to sell you an assortment of weapons and armor including:

Swing inside the Inn as well and speak to Mopli the Moogle on the second floor. You can save your game and pick up a letter from Ruby to Zidane.

You can also find an Ether in the nightstand near the beds, a stash of 1,250 gil under the table near the bottom of the stairs and an Echo Screen near the barrel behind Vivi.

Speaking to Mopli the Moogle on the second floor of the Inn

Exit the Inn and find the stair way on the right side of the Inn leading upwards. There is one more hidden Remedy on the far right side of the stairs behind the tree. Take the pathway leading off to the left on the left side of the Inn.

Phoenix Pinion to the right of the Cleyra Inn

This area is known as the Windmill Area (which you can verify by opening the Menu screen). There is a hidden Phoenix Pinion just to the right of Sand Oracle Satrea (the one wearing blue). The woman in red is known as Star Maiden Nina and you can access an item shop by speaking to her.

Hidden Phoenix Pinion near Sand Oracle Satrea

She sells all of the regular items that you find at most shops but, more importantly, she also sells Annoyntment which can be used to cure the Trouble status effect. Purchase a few of these as you will need them for some upcoming fights. Travel up the flight of stairs leading to the Cathedral.

There are some Gysahl Greens hidden in the grasses near the sign post outside the Cathedral and an Echo Screen in the flowers to the right side of the entrance. Enter the Cathedral and search the left side of the room to find a Yellow Scarf.

Buying items from Star Maiden Nina
Movie Critic

In order to obtain the Movie Critic Trophy make sure that you have viewed the following ATEs:

  • No Yummy-Yummies! (entering the pond area)
  • Don’t Hate Me (entering the pond area)
  • I-I Haven’t Hurt Anyone (re-entering the pond)
  • There a Mushroom! (enter the town observatory)

You need to have added Quina to your party on the way to Gizamaluke’s Grotto in order to view No Yummy-Yummies! and There’s A Mushroom! There is no way to view these two ATEs without him.

Movie Critic Trophy
Zidane approaching the Cleyra Settlement Cathedral

Speak to the Sky Oracle / Tree Oracle near the stairs in the Cathedral to continue the story - they will tell you that you cannot pass and will deliver a message to you from Freya asking you to return to the Inn and wait.

The Cathedral in Cleyra Settlement

The next boss battle will initiate as soon as you reach the entrance of the Inn and after you follow ‘Burmecian Solider Dan’ down to the Sandpit.

Speaking to Burmecian Soldier Dan outside the Inn

There is a short bit of dialogue outside the Inn. Follow Dan down to the entrance and head right.

Zidane and Vivi near the Antlion near the sandpit
Boss Battle: Antlion
Boss battle against the Antlion

Level: 16
HP: 3,938

Make sure that you have Zidane steal the Gold Helm from Antlion before you end the fight. This can take a fair bit of time, which means that the true difficulty of this fight is trying to keep your party alive until then.

Have Vivi use his status inflicting spells if he has them (Slow and Sleep). Make use of Quina’s White Wind ability (if you obtained it) to keep the party healed up which can be fairly difficult due to Antlion’s Sandstorm ability. Sandstorm will reduce each party member’s HP down to between 1 and 10.

It has another move called Trouble Mucus which will inflict the “Troubled” status effect (causing other party members to take damage when the afflicted character is attacked). Use Annoyntments to rid party members of the Troubled status effect.

Vivi’s Blizzara spell is incredibly effective against Antlion which is weak to ice-based magic attacks.

Boss battle against the Antlion

Annoyntment (common)
Mythril Vest (uncommon)
Gold Helm (rare)

Annoyntment (common)
Ether (uncommon)

A video of the battle is included below:

There are quite a few cutscenes after the battle involving Prince Puck and Freya joining in the ceremony to strengthen the sandstorm protecting Cleyra. Enjoy the dance! The sandstorm protecting Cleyra will disappear at the end of ritual.

Freya standing near the observatory with the sandpit down

Time for a few more cutscenes involving Steiner and Dagger back in Alexandria.

You continue the game in control of Freya. Travel back to the Cathedral and go back into the chamber with the Harp, the Cleyran High Priest and the King of Burmecia.

Speak to the High Priest to receive an Emerald. Search the back wall to find an Ore, the wall on the right side for a Phoenix Pinion and the pillar on the left side for an Ether.

Picking up the Emerald in the back chamber of the Cathedral

Travel to the Inn and speak to Stiltzkin to pick up your next set of items. This time he is selling a Hi-Potion, Ether and Phoenix Pinion for 444 gil.

Speaking to Stiltzkin in the Inn of Cleyra Settlement

Remember that you have to buy from him each time that he appears in order to see him again later on in the game. Speak to Mopli and select the Mognet option again to pick up a letter from Monev.

Don’t forget to save your game! Travel back to the entrance to Cleyra Settlement to find Zidane, Quina and Vivi and continue the game.

Driving the Hard Bargain

You must purchase all of the available items from Stiltzkin each time he appears in order to obtain the Driving the Hard Bargain Trophy. This is a missable trophy as you cannot return to some sections of the game in order to buy items that you have missed.

Driving the Hard Bargain Trophy

Cleyra’s Trunk

Start off by properly equipping each of your characters. This is the first time that you have had an opportunity to equip Vivi with items so take some time to do so. You should have some new items for him from Burmecian Soldier Dan - go back and buy some if you don’t.

Travel down the stairs and down the rope ladder. Don’t worry - you won’t be going all the way back down to the bottom of Cleyra’s Trunk. Travel to the right and follow the pathway back into the cave.

Traveling down the stairs back towards Cleyra’s Trunk

You will be forced into battle against some Alexandrian Soldiers when you reach the whirlpool area. The whirlpools are not active and the Alexandrian Soldiers are ridiculously easy to defeat.

Zidane coming across the Alexandrian Soldiers in the whirlpool room

Continue south for another battle against two Alexandrian Soldiers that will ambush you from the other two pathways. Head in to the adjoining cave to battle another two Soldiers.

The next area leads to a bridge which switches over to a cutscene. The group decides to return back to the town after Prince Puck tells them that the town is in trouble. You won’t have to manually go back through the previous screens though.

Prince Puck running down to meet the team half way down the Cleyra’s Trunk

Cleyra Settlement

The party is automatically returned to the entrance of Cleyra Settlement and will automatically be thrown into battle against a Black Mage (Type B). These Black Mages are just as easy as the Type A Black Mages that you had previously fought.

Battle against a Black Mage Type B at the Cleyra Settlement

Go back to the Sandpit to find Mopli and Stiltzkin. Speak to Mopli to pickup another letter from Mopli to Serino. Go back to the entrance and attempt to climb the stairs and you will be thrown into battle against three Alexandrian Soldiers.

Zidane speaking with the Moogles near the sandpit

Another battle will commence immediately after that one where you will have to fight two Black Mages (Type B). Another very easy fight. Zidane will automatically run up the the Water Mill Area after the fight.

Zidane will have the option of deciding which direction to head by selecting either “Let’s head up!” or “Let’s head right!”. You can pick up some extra items up near the Cathedral if you save more of the townsfolk.

Choose to head to the right by selecting “Let’s head right!” and Zidane will automatically follow.

Zidane choosing which direction to head near the water hole

Walk towards the Inn and tell Burmecian Soldier Dan’s family to take the pathway leading to the left by selecting “Let’s go Left!”.

Speaking to Burmecian Soldier Dan and choosing to go to the left

One more battle against two Alexandrian Soldiers and a Black Mage (Type B).

Follow the Burmecian Kids and Dan’s Wife and this time have them “Cross the bridge to the right!” into the next areas.

Zidane choosing between going up the stairs, crossing the bridge to the right or going down the stairs to the left

One last battle against three Alexandrian Soldiers. Finally, when asked if the village is safe yet, select the “Not Yet” option.

Talking to Burmecian Soldier Dan’s kids
Out of Harm’s Way

It is important that these steps are followed if you wish to obtain the Out of Harm’s Way Trophy. The first choice is “Right”, the second choice is “Left”, the third choice is “Right” and the final choice is to select “Not Yet”. This trophy is missable so restart if you do not obtain it once all of the villagers have been saved.

Out of Harm’s Way Trophy

There is a short cutscene in front of the Cathedral where a stranger (Sir Fratley) saves the team. Freya will speak to him inside the Cathedral but unfortunately he does not remember her. The scene ends with an interruption from Beatrix stealing the magic stone in the harp.

Before you exit the Cathedral you should speak to all of the townsfolk that you saved. You will receive:

Speak to Mopli and save your game in preparation for an upcoming boss fight. You can also prepare by equipping any thunder damage reducing equipment to your characters such as:

Beatrix on the top of the Cathedral in Cleyra Settlement

You should also move all of your characters to the back row. This is another battle where staying alive is the objective because you cannot actually defeat Beatrix. Exit the Cathedral when you are ready for the fight.

Boss Battle: Beatrix
Beatrix during the battle atop Cleyra Settlement

Level: 17
HP: 4,736

Stealing from Beatrix is not nearly as hard this go-around which is great because the fight follows very similar mechanics as the fight against Beatrix at the end of Disc 1. You cannot actually defeat her and the fight will automatically end after 10 turns.

The strategy should be to simply keep your party alive for the duration of the fight because Beatrix is very strong. Equipping thunder-resistant equipment (as mentioned above) can greatly help and have Vivi cast Slow on Beatrix as early as possible. With all of your characters in the back row (as mentioned above as well) her damage should be relatively easy to deal with.

Use Potions, Hi-Potions and Quina’s Blu Mag abilities (White Wind and Mighty Guard) to keep the team alive.

Boss Battle against Beatrix

Phoenix Down (common)
Thunder Gloves (uncommon)
Ice Brand (rare)

· (Nothing)

A video of the battle is included below:

Red Rose - Cabin

The story continues in the Cabin of the Red Rose airship. Quina will no longer be in your party as he does not follow the rest of the team through the portal. Travel up the stairs to continue the cutscenes and to listen in on the conversation on the other side of the ship.

Zidane, Cleyra and Vivi on the Red Rose

Follow Vivi back down to the lower level and as you reach the bottom of the stairs you will see a Moogle appear on the upper level. Travel back up and speak to Serino the Moogle to save your game and give him the letter from Mopli.

Pick up the letter from Serino to Moodon as well. Travel down to the lower levels and speak to Vivi when you are ready to continue the game.

Spying on Queen Brahne aboard the Red Rose