Madain Sari (Second Visit)

This page describes the second visit to Madain Sari after the team has returned from the Iifa Tree attempting to catch the thief. Check out the first Madain Sari page if this is your first visit to the Village of the Lost Summoners.

Cinematic at the Iifa Tree of the Mist disappearing

Travel from the Iifa Tree back to the Conde Petie Mountain Path. Go south down the pathway and take a right. Go northeast across the vines and exit out the top of the screen.

Zidane on the World Map with the Iifa Tree in the background

World Map - Lucid Plains

Once again, Madain Sari is located directly north from the exit of the Conde Petie Mountain Path.

Madain Sari in the distance of the Lucid Plains

Madain Sari

The first objective is to follow Eiko and her Moogles into the village. Go back to her house where she served Zidane and the rest of the team the meal to initiate the next scene in the lower area of the kitchen.

The entrance to Madain Sari with Eiko exclaiming that she’s home

Explore the “Secret Room” after Eiko leaves and pick up the Survival Vest (which you should already have a few of) in the treasure chest and the Phoenix Down in the second treasure chest further to the left of the first.

Eiko, Zidane and Dagger in the secret room under Eiko’s Kitchen

Make your way to the other side of Madain Sari village towards the Eidolon Wall. Speak to Morrison the Moogle who is guarding the entrance once you get there. Choose to “Peek Inside” when presented with the option.

Zidane peeking inside the Eidolon Wall

Morrison will give you an Exploda and an Elixir afterwards. You can make the next fight much easier by making sure that Zidane has the Counter ability equipped.

Lani holding Eiko hostage in the Eidolon Wall

Get him to heal your party before you proceed and then choose to “Go save her”.

Boss Battle: Scarlet Hair
Scarlet Hair / Amarant

Level: 22
HP: 18,985

This fight is fairly straight forward - it is a one on one battle of Zidane against “Scarlet Hair”. Neither of the items that you can steal are worth your time. Ethers are a dime a dozen and Poison Knuckles is an item that you were already able to purchase in the shops.

Just hammer away at “Scarlet Hair” until you bring him down. He will jump around the room at times making himself harder to hit (with a higher Evasion stat) but you can still attack and hit him.

Boss battle against Scarlet Hair / Amarant with just Zidane

Ether (common)
Poison Knuckles (uncommon)


A video of the battle is included below:

“Scarlet Hair” will give back the stolen items at the end of the battle. Return to the “Secret Room” under Eiko’s kitchen to continue the story. Eiko will opt to wear the jewel that was stolen as an earring which you then receive as the Memory Earring item.

Memory Earring award after recovering Eiko’s stolen jewel

Travel through Eiko’s house until you reach the landing just outside and an Action Icon will appear.

The Action Icon just outside of Eiko’s House in Madain Sari

Zidane will hear Princess Garnet singing again. There are a few more scenes and quite a bit more dialogue to follow.

Dagger and Zidane in the boat in Madain Sari

“Scarlet Hair” will ask to join you on your quest and joins your party as Amarant - or at least that is his default name. He will be referred to as such throughout the rest of this walkthrough.

Exploring the Eidolon Wall with Zidane, Dagger and Eiko

This is also the first time that you will get a chance to choose your party members. Your options will be Zidane (mandatory), Dagger, Vivi, Eiko and Amarant.

Having two healers in your party is inefficient so it would be beneficial to remove either Eiko or Dagger from the party. Eiko tends to be the more versatile and useful of the two “healers” so it is suggested that you remove Dagger and place Amarant in the party, even if you do not plan to use Amarant for the long term. You need the offensive attacks that he can provide.

Remember to equip him with some new items and armor as he does not come equipped with any headgear by default.

Form Party Screen choosing between Zidane, Dagger, Vivi, Eiko and Amarant

World Map - Lucid Plains

You can still turn around again and purchase items from Morrison the Moogle’s shop in Madain Sari. Pick up the Poison Knuckles item if you do not have one already. The next destination is the Iifa Tree. Travel back to the Conde Petie Mountain Path and through to the Pualei Plains again.