The first thing you should do when you arrive in Kilika is save your game (as always) at the Save Sphere.

Take a left at the fork in the road and continue on down the docks until you find a crowd of people. You will now get to observe Yuna as she performs a “sending”.

Docks of Kilika
Yuna performing the sending in Kilika

Lulu will explain what a “sending” is to Tidus. The sending that Yuna performs prevents the dead from turning into fiends by sending them to the Farplane.

Kilika - Residential Area

The game continues with Tidus waking up in the Kilika Inn. Use the Save Sphere and then exit the Inn.

Datto, one of the Besaid Aurochs, will come running up to Tidus and will tell him that Wakka is looking for him. Before you head out looking for Wakka, go into the hut in the top-left section of the screen to find a treasure chest. The chest contains three Potions.

There is also a small child sitting in a hut on the left side of the screen. Go near her to initiate a scene which involves the nearby hut collapsing as Tidus saves the child (you’ll receive a reward for completing this step shortly).

Tidus and Wakka in the ruins
Tidus saving the small child

Go back and follow Datto in the direction that he ran (to the right side of the hut Tidus woke up in) and enter the hut at the top of the screen. There is a treasure chest in this hut that contains an Ether. This is a reward that you will only receive if you saved the small child from the crumbling hut.

There is an Al Bhed Primer (Vol. IV) sitting on the ledge of this hut. After you’ve obtained both items, head outside and go to the right. Wakka can be found in front of a group of villagers helping to rebuild.

Tidus will ask whether it still makes sense to carry on with a Blitzball tournament given the fact that the disaster had happened so recently. Wakka will explain that they need to carry on in order to give the people hope and something to look forward to.

The next destination is the Kilika Temple.

The docks of Kilika
Al Bhed Primer Vol IV

There is an equipment shop in this area between near the ship dock and the hut. You can purchase a few interesting items there including some upgrades weapons and armor. That being said, you can get by without purchasing anything at this stage of the game, so save your gil for now.

After you have spoken to Wakka, head back west until you reach the Kilika Woods. Save at the Save Sphere and then go talk to your party. Yuna will ask Tidus to become one of her guardians and to accompany her on the remainder of their journey, to which he agrees.

The group in Kilika Woods
Kimahri in Kilika Woods

Kilika Woods

There is a short cutscene that takes place once you move a few steps in to the forest. Lulu will break the news that Yuna wants Tidus to officially become one of her guardians. Apparently she just wants him nearby… After the scene, it’s time to explore the forest.

The first thing you will notice as you enter the Kilika Woods is a huge fiend in the middle of the pathway up ahead. This monster is called Lord Ochu.

Lord Ochu an optional boss that you can choose whether or not you wish to fight. There are a few strategies for defeating Lord Ochu provided below, and the rewards are definitely worth it, but before you engage the monster you should explore a few areas of Kilika Woods to pick up some items and loot.

This is also a good opportunity to level up your characters before initiating the battle which will makes things much easier.

Head towards the east side of the woods and taking a right at the crossroads. Your first battle within Kilika Woods will provide a quick tutorial on how to use Kimahri’s Lancet ability. At the end of the pathway is a treasure chest that contains two Mana Spheres.

Battle against monsters in Kilika Woods
Opening the Mana Sphere treasure chest

Backtrack to the entrance and use the Save Sphere again if you need to replenish your HP or MP as you walk by.

Make your way down the west path and stop once you reach the fork in the road (shown in the screenshot below). There is a hidden pathway which leads to a treasure chest that contains Scout, a new Blitzball weapon for Wakka.

Secret pathway in Kilika Woods
Opening the treasure chest containing Scout

Come back out and head west and then north along the rest of the pathway on this left side of the Woods and then keep going north once you reach the next path. This pathway will curve to the right where you will run into a group of guards.

Speak to the leader after the other two guards have left and you will receive a free Remedy.

Tidus in the Kilika Woods
Picking up a Hi-Potion in Kilika Woods

Keep going north and you will run into another set of guards. Speak to the leader of this group to receive a free Hi-Potion. Continue north and then take the path that leads off to the left side of the screen once you come across it to find a treasure chest that contains a Luck Sphere.

You can use the Luck Sphere to add a “Luck +4” node to an empty path somewhere in a character’s Sphere Grid. Add it to a character that you are planning to use for the remainder of the game (such as Tidus) but don’t add it right now as you will need a Fortune Sphere in order to activate the node, which you don’t have.

If you are looking for advice on which party members are the best to use for end-game content you should check out the Characters section.

Treasure chest containing a Luck Sphere
Using a Luck Sphere

It’s now time to fight Lord Ochu before moving on to the next area. There are some steps that you can take to prepare for the fight that will make the battle much easier.

The best party to use for this optional boss fight is one made up of Tidus, Wakka and Lulu. Make sure each of these characters is fully healed before initiating the fight. You can use Yuna’s Cure spell outside of battle by selecting the “Abilities” option in the game menu. Finally, you may want to consider saving up your character’s Overdrives so you can inflict as much damage at the start of the battle as possible.

Approaching Lord Ochu in the Kilika Woods
Initiating the battle against Lord Ochu

Head back to the Save Sphere to heal your characters and save your game. Run straight at Lord Ochu when you are ready to begin the fight.

Boss Battle: Lord Ochu

HP: 4,649

Make sure to keep on top of healing either by using Potions and Antidotes or by switching out one of your party members for Yuna. Lulu should use Fire magic throughout the fight and as often as she can because Lord Ochu is weak to fire-based magic attacks.

Boss battle against Lord Ochu
Lord Ochu falling asleep

If you find yourself having trouble defeating Lord Ochu you can utilize either of the two strategies:

1) Wander around fighting enemies within Kilika Woods until you build up Overdrives for each of your party members
2) Switch one of your party members out for Yuna and have her summon Valefor

Lord Ochu will regain HP when it uses Sleep on itself. Bombard it with attacks rather than focusing on any healing in order to stop it from regaining too much health.

As a last resort, you can have Yuna summon Valefor. Valefor has Fire-based attacks that are extremely effective against Lord Ochu.


MP Sphere (common)
HP Sphere (rare)

Your reward for defeating Lord Ochu will either be an MP Sphere or an HP Sphere. A nice reward this early in the game!

Head south and speak to the Crusader (Luzzu) to receive a free Elixir once the battle is over. Follow the pathway leading east and then follow it as it curves north until you reach a bridge.

Kilika - Pilgrimage Road

There are a few more cutscenes to watch as you ascend the stone steps. Save your game at the Save Sphere and then follow Wakka and Yuna up the steps. There is a boss battle coming up and this one is not optional.

Speak to Luzzu for a free Elixir
Tidus crossing a bridge on the way to the Kilika Cloister of Trials

Boss Battle: Sinspawn Geneaux

HP: 3,000

The battle starts off with Sinspawn Geneaux encased in a shell-like structure. It is immune to attacks in this form and, while it may be vulnerable to magic attacks, any magic-based attacks will be absorbed by the Geneaux’s Tentacles (which surround the party).

Initiating the battle against Sinspawn Geneaux
Boss battle against Sinspawn Geneaux

Start off by attacking the Tentacles at the back of the battlefield. Focus all of your attacks on one single Tentacle until both of them have been defeated.

Battle against a closed Sinspawn Geneaux
Lulu using Focus during the battle against Sinspawn Geneaux

Be careful using Water magic on the Tentacles as they will absorb this type of damage and will heal themselves. The only magic you will want to use (if you have Lulu in your party at all) is Fire magic. Its a good idea to use Haste on her as well so that she can blast away the tentacles more quickly.

The shell will open up once Sinspawn Geneaux drops below 2,400 HP. You should use Wakka’s Silence Attack on the main body to prevent it from casting Water on your team. You can also start attacking the main body with regular physical attacks at this point.

Again, as a last resort, you can have Yuna summon Valefor. Valefor has Fire-based attacks that are extremely effective against Sinspawn Geneaux.


Power Sphere

Once the battle has concluded, Wakka and Lulu will tell Tidus about the enemy they just fought. Sinspawn are enemies that fall from Sin’s body and are left behind in its wake. There will be quite a few more Sinspawn enemies to battle as you work your way through the game.

Head back down to the Save Sphere if you want to heal up your party and save your game. Afterwards, continue your way up the steps after you’ve defeated Sinspawn Geneaux. A couple more cutscenes will follow as you work your way to the top.

Kilika Temple
The Luca Goers at the Kilika Temple

Kilika Temple

Your team will run into the Luca Goers as they are exiting Kilika Temple. Continue north and into the temple. Don’t forget to save your game if you haven’t already!

Lady Dona at the Kilika Temple
Tidus in the Kilika Temple

Sit down and pray with Wakka or stand and watch him if you so choose; it does not matter which option you select. A new character by the name of Lady Dona will exit the temple and take the opportunity to make fun of Yuna and her rag-tag group of companions as she and her guardian make their way out.

The rest of the team will descend down to the Cloister but will ask Tidus to remain outside. Just wait until the elevator raises back up to the top and then attempt to take it down. This will trigger a short cutscene where Lady Dona and Barthello force Tidus to take the elevator in to the Cloister.

Tidus again

Click on the link below for information on how to complete the second Cloister of Trials:

Kilika - Antechamber

The rest of the party will not be happy to see Tidus in the antechamber of the temple. You will have to continue talking to both Wakka and Lulu to keep the story moving.

Tidus will ask Wakka what exactly is located inside of the blocked off chamber that Yuna is in. Wakka and Lulu will explain that the “Fayth” are located inside; people who battled Sin and were defeated. The Fayth are trapped in the statues located inside the Temple and can be called upon as a summon (or rather, an Aeons) by a summoner.

Tidus again

Try to leave the Antechamber after you have spoken to both of them. The story will continue and Yuna will have access to a new Aeon, Ifrit.

Kilika Temple

More conversations and flashbacks will transpire as the group seeks to leave the temple. Work your way back through Kilika Woods and then back through the town of Kilika until you reach the docks.

There is a shop just off to the side of the docks, as mentioned previously, where you can purchase any pieces of equipment that your team might be missing.

Crowd congratulating Yuna
Disembarking from Kilika on the S.S. Winno

Head over to the S.S. Winno once you are ready and choose to disembark.