Summon Materia (Red)

A full list of all of the Summon Materia found within Final Fantasy VII. Equipping Summon Materia gives you access to use Summons during a battle. A summon is essentially just a more powerful version of a spell that costs extra MP. Some Summon Materia can also be used to cause or prevent status effects when equipped appropriately with a Support Materia.

Alexander Materia
Alexander’s attack does Holy-type damage to enemies which makes it strong against undead and dead enemies. There are very few enemies that you encounter of this type though, as Alexander is the only Holy-based magic available in the game (there are no Holy spells as Holy is part of the plot in Final Fantasy VII).

Alexander Summon video

The steps for obtaining Alexander Materia are fairly complex. It can be obtained at the Great Glacier on the northern continent. You can still obtain it if you missed it during your first pass through. Check out the Great Glacier section for more information, maps and steps for obtaining the Materia.

Picking up the Alexander Summon Materia - screen with the typo

Bahamut Materia
The attacks from Bahamut, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO do not have an element which means that they will work effectively against all enemies. Each of these summons are extremely powerful at the points in the game where you receive them and this is the first of the three.

Bahamut Summon video

The Bahamut Summon Materia is dropped right after the battle against the Red Dragon in the Temple of the Ancients. There is no way to obtain this Materia if you missed it during your pass through the Temple.

Cloud picking up the Bahamut Summon Materia

Bahamut ZERO Materia
The attacks from Bahamut, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO do not have an element which means that they will work effectively against all enemies. Each of these summons are extremely powerful at the points in the game where you receive them and this summon is the strongest of the three.

Bahamut Zero Summon video

You can only obtain Bahamut ZERO Materia if you successfully picked up and retrieved all of the Huge Materia. The first is stopping the train in North Corel, the second is in Fort Condor, the third is part of the Underwater Submarine Battle in Junon and the fourth can be rescued from the Shinra No. 26 Rocket in Rocket Town. You then receive the Bahamut ZERO Summon Materia in Bugenhagen’s observatory in Cosmo Canyon by examining the Blue Materia.

Picking up the Bahamut ZERO Materia

Choco/Mog Materia
This summon is the first one that you receive in the game (as long as you speak to the Chocobos at the Chocobo Farm). It does a moderate amount of damage and has the added effect of potentially Paralyzing enemies. You can pair it with an Added Effect Materia on a weapon to potentially paralyze enemies during a regular attack, making Choco/Mog useful long after its damage drops below a useful value.

Choco/Mog Summon video

You have to speak to one of the Chocobos in the pen at the Chocobo Farm answering its question with “Wark”. The Chocobos will do a small dance and reward you with the Choco/Mog Materia.

Speaking to the Chocobo at the Chocobo Farm

Hades Materia
Hades is a fairly powerful summon on its own but its true power comes from pairing it with an Added Effect Materia. Hades attack can cause Poison, Confuse, Sleep, Silence, Mini, Frog, Slow and Paralysis. These effects can also be caused by pairing the Materia with the Added Effect Materia on a weapon or can be prevented on a character by pairing them on an armor (though this is not recommended as you can achieve the same effect with a Ribbon accessory).

Hades Summon video

You can obtain Hades Materia by traveling to the Sunken Gelnika which is located underwater and can be accessed using the Shinra Sub after you have completed the underwater Submarine Battle section of the game.

Picking up the Hades Materia in the Sunken Gelnika

Ifrit Materia
Ifrit is the third summon that you receive. Its attack deals fire-based damage to enemies and can be helpful when you reach the Icicle Inn and Great Glacier areas.

Ifrit Summon video

Sephiroth drops the Ifrit Summon Materia after you defeat Jenova·Birth on the Cargo Ship.

Cloud picking up the Ifrit Summon Materia that drops after the Jenova Birth battle

Kjata Materia
Referred to Kujata in other games. Kjata is of limited use when you receive it in Bone Village. Its attack is fairly powerful but it has three elements (lightning, ice and fire) which can cause problems with doing any damage. If an enemy is capable of absorbing any of the three elements they will negate the entire attack.

Kjata Summon video

Found in the Sleeping Forest which is the next screen behind the entrance to Bone Village. The Materia can be found floating around on the second screen and you have to “catch” it, which is not very hard to do. It will rotate back to any area that you see it appear in so you can stand around until it swings back around.

Walking through the Sleeping Forest

Knights of the Round Materia
Referred to in the game as “Knights of Round” Materia. This is the strongest summon in Final Fantasy VII as it is the only summon that hits for multiple attacks and is therefore the only summon that is capable of exceeding 9,999 damage. It does so quite easily as it hits for 13 individual strikes and, depending on the Magic stat of the character who casts it, can hit for 9,999 damage during each individual strike. This Materia is paramount to defeating both Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon but is not required in order to defeat Sephiroth.

Knights of the Round Summon video

Knights of the Round Materia is the final reward of the Chocobo Racing and Breeding side quest and can only be obtained after you have successfully bred a gold Chocobo. Check out the Chocobo Racing and Breeding section for more information.

Knights of the Round Materia

Leviathan Materia
Leviathan can be obtained very early on in Disc 2 and is fairly powerful if you obtain it as soon as you possibly can. Leviathan’s attack is water-based which is extremely powerful against fire-based enemies.

Leviathan Summon video

In order to obtain the Leviathan Summon Materia you have to complete the Wutai side quest (to reclaim your Materia from Yuffie after she steals it) and then the Wutai Pagoda side quest. You do not have to do the original Wutai side quest though if you have already reached Disc 3.

Godo giving Yuffie the Leviathan Summon Materia

Master Summon Materia
Grants you access to all of the summons in the game (including all of those listed on this page).

Master Summon Materia, as well as Master Command Materia and Master Magic Materia, are the rewards for defeating Emerald Weapon and for completing the Kalm Traveler’s side quests. Check out the Kalm Traveler side quest page for more information.

Battle against Emerald Weapon

Neo Bahamut Materia
The attacks from Bahamut, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO do not have an element which means that they will work effectively against all enemies. Each of these summons are extremely powerful at the points in the game where you receive them and this summon is the second strongest of the three.

Neo Bahamut Summon video

Neo Bahamut Materia can be picked up in the Whirlwind Maze on your way to meet up with Sephiroth in the Northern Crater.

Picking up the Neo Bahamut Summon Materia near the Save Point

Odin Materia
Odin’s attack, similar to each of the Bahamut summons, has no element so it works effectively against enemies. Odin is particularly strong if you obtain the summon the first time you travel through Nibelheim in the Shinra Mansion. You can pair Odin with Added Effect Materia on a weapon to add the “instant death” effect which has a chance at instantly killing an enemy. Equipping the pairing on a character’s armor will make the wearer immune to the “instant death” effect.

Odin Summon video

You can obtain Odin Materia from the safe in the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. The safe is part of the side quest to obtain Vincent - one of the optional characters in the game.

Cloud picking up the Odin Materia

Phoenix Materia
Phoenix Materia, in addition to causing fire-based damage to all enemies, will also revive any KO’d party members on the battle field (with full HP). You can pair this Materia with Final Attack Materia which will cause Phoenix to be cast as a last attack before a character dies which will revive your party to continue the battle. Phoenix Materia is used in the strategy to defeat Ruby Weapon.

Phoenix Summon video

Phoenix Materia can be picked up after Cid and the rest of the team defend Fort Condor against the Shinra attack, but only if they do so successfully. The battle itself is quite easy. You can also dig up another Phoenix Materia in Bone Village.

Picking up Phoenix Materia in Fort Condor

Ramuh Materia
Ramuh’s attack deals lightning-based damage and is fairly strong at the time you receive it. It quickly loses its strength though as you receive more powerful summons.

Ramuh Summon video

Ramuh Materia is picked up in the Chocobo Jockey’s Lounge just before the first Chocobo Race and the escape from the Corel Prison. You cannot return to the Chocobo Jockey’s Lounge at any other point in the game so if you missed this Materia there is no way to obtain it.

Ramuh Materia in the Chocobo jockey waiting room

Shiva Materia
Shiva’s attack deals ice-based damage and is strong against fire-based enemies. Shiva appears in nearly all of the Final Fantasy titles and is one of the first summons that you receive in this game.

Shiva Summon video

Priscilla rewards you with the Shiva Materia after you revive her in lower Junon (referred to as Under Junon in the game).

Priscilla giving Cloud the Shiva Summon Materia

Titan Materia
Titan’s attack deals earth-based damage. Titan is quite strong when you pick him up in Gongaga.

Titan Summon video

Titan is located inside the reactor at Gongaga and you can retrieve it from inside as soon as Scarlet and the Turks leave the area. You can return to Gongaga at any time if you missed picking it up.

Titan Materia at the ruined reactor

Typoon Materia
Note that it is spelled Typoon rather than Typhoon or Typhon as in other games in the Final Fantasy series. The attack deals lightning, fire, ice and earth based damage to all enemies but it will miss flying or hovering enemies entirely.

Typoon Summon video

Typoon is picked up in the Ancient Forest. Check out the Ancient Forest side quest section for more information.

Picking up the Typoon Summon Materia