Bone Village
Including the Sleeping Forest and Corel Valley

Before you head to Bone Village, you should now take the time to complete two of the optional side quests that were mentioned earlier in this guide. Specifically, you should now go and visit Wutai and the Wutai Pagoda if you haven’t done so already.

The rewards for these quests include:

MP Absorb Materia
HP Absorb Materia
Magic Shuriken

You can also complete the Turtle’s Paradise side quest now as well (assuming you found all 5 of the flyers outside of Wutai).

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It’s now time to continue on with the main story…

Sailing to Bone Village

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to travel directly to Bone Village. There is not enough shallow water in the ocean in the center of the map to allow you to pass on either side.

You are left with traveling around the west side of the western continent, around the east side of the eastern continent, or traveling down the river past Gold Saucer and North Corel / Mount Corel which is likely the fastest. Use your mini-map (with the SelectButton) as well as the map below to help guide you to Bone Village.

Map identifying the location of Bone Village

The Village is located in the forest of the northern-most continent.

Bone Village from the World Map

Enter the village and speak to the man sitting down near the open treasure chest. You can buy items off of him including the following:

Diamond Bangles
Rune Armlets

The Diamond Bangles that you can purchase are the strongest armor, however Rune Armlets provide double Materia growth rate.

Purchase at least one Armlet to keep your Materia growing steadily. Just make sure to keep the character that you equip it to well protected. You can use HP Plus Materia to supplement, put that character in the back row or have your other characters use Cover Materia to protect them.

Bone Village

The man also sells the other staple items including the following:

Phoenix Downs

The foreman will also give you the option of attempting to excavate treasure in the area including the Lunar Harp which you will need to get through the Sleeping Forest.

Note: The Sleeping Forest, you can find it by traveling up to the top level of Bone Village and heading northwest into the forested area. You can try to proceed through the forest but it is essentially an endless loop. Cloud and the team must “awaken” the forest using the Lunar Harp in order to proceed through.

How the Bone Village Dig Works

Start off by telling the man at the front of Bone Village that you would like to “Start diggin’”. He will then ask you what type of treasure you seek. You can select “Lunar Harp”, “Good treasure” or “Normal treasure”.

Select the Lunar Harp for starters. You then have the option of placing the ‘staff’ in and around the dig site around the village.

Choosing to dig for the Lunar Harp

You can place as many as you like for 100 gil each and then once you detonate the explosive charge they will all point in the direction of the Lunar Harp. You can then select your dig point using the staff member’s line of site to help you triangulate the location.

Placing excavation staff members

With all that said, the Lunar Harp is located in the same place for everyone in every single playthrough. The location is just to the left of the rising smoke on the upper level of the village.

Use the screenshot below to help you identify the correct spot. You will receive the Lunar Harp from the treasure chest the next morning.

The location of the Lunar Harp
Receiving the Lunar Harp from the Bone Village treasure chest

You have the option of searching for “Good treasure” as well while you are here. You can dig up the following:


Proceed up the second level and out the back of the village into the forest.

Sleeping Forest

Walk past the first screen and, now that you have the Lunar Harp, you will get a notification that the sleeping forest has awoken. In this screen, if you watch closely, you will see a piece of red Materia that appears and disappears, floating through the forest.

The entrance to the Sleeping Forest
Walking through the Sleeping Forest

Either be really quick or try to predict one of the next places it will reappear and add it to your inventory. The Materia is the Kjata Summon Materia. Proceed to the end of the forest once you have obtained it.

Obtaining Kujata Materia

Corel Valley

Take the pathway that leads to the right and under the log to find a treasure chest that contains a Water Ring. Equip the Water Ring on one of your characters in preparation for an upcoming boss fight.

The Corral Valley Area

Go back to the start of Corel Valley and take the pathway that leads left, up the steps and through the hollowed-out log. Continue to follow the linear pathway along until you reach the World Map.

Traveling to the Forgotten City on the World Map

You will reappear on the World Map in the Icicle Area. The pathway is linear again and the only place that you can travel to is the Forgotten Capital which is directly ahead.

Traveling to the Forgotten City on the World Map