Support Materia (Blue)

A full list of all of the Support Materia found within Final Fantasy VII. Support Materia needs to be paired with another type of Materia in order to benefit from its effects. Check out the Materia Pairing section in the Tips and Tricks area for more information on how to effectively pair Materia.

Added Cut Materia
This Materia allows a character to do a standard attack whenever the paired Materia is used. The attack will hit the same target that you use the spell on. There tends to be better Materia to pair Magic Materia and Command Materia with which are listed further on down this page that are more useful and powerful than Added Cut.

Added Cut can be picked up at the Great Glacier on the eastern-most side of the map. Check out the Great Glacier section for more information on where to find it. This Materia can still be picked up if you missed it.

Picking up the Added Cut Materia in the Great Glacier

Added Effect Materia
Added Effect allows you to either cause status effects when using the Attack command if you pair the Materia on your weapon. It allows you to make a character immune to the same status effects if you pair the Materia on a character’s armor.

The following Materia pairings are possible:

Mystify Materia: Confusion, Berserk
Poison Materia: Poison
Seal Materia: Sleep, Silence
Time Materia: Slow, Stop
Transform Materia: Mini, Toad
Destruct Materia: Instant Death
Choco/Mog Materia: Stop
Odin Matera: Instant Death
Hades Materia: Confusion, Mini, Poison, Silence, Sleep, Toad

Pairing Hades Summon Materia with Added Effect Materia yields the strongest effect and it is recommended that you pair it on a weapon. You can equip a Ribbon accessory instead to negate the negative status effects.

The Added Effect Materia can be picked up in the Cave of the Gi in Cosmo Canyon. There is no way to obtain the Materia if you missed it on your first pass through.

Added Effect Materia in the Cave of the Gi

All Materia
All Materia is one of the more important Materia that you will receive in the game. It allows healing spells to be cast on all party members and it allows offensive spells to be cast on all enemies on the battle screen. It can be paired with any Magic Materia but has no effect when paired with a Command Materia.

There are many All Materia that can be picked up during a regular play through of the game including:

The Sector 7 Slums in one of the houses near Tifa’s 7th Heaven
The Shinra Building on the 63rd floor after completing the coupon puzzle
The Cargo Ship after you move Yuffie out of the way
The lower pathways of Mount Nibel
In the center of the Great Glacier

Red XIII joins your team equipped with an All Materia and you can also purchase them in the shop at Fort Condor (and a few of the other shops later on in the game.

Counter Materia
This Materia is not the same as Counter Attack Materia nor Magic Counter Materia. This Materia needs to be paired with a Command Materia - it can be paired with Steal, Sense, Throw, Deathblow, Manipulate or Mime.

Counter Materia is found in the depths of the Northern Cave. It can be obtained as soon as you have reached disc 3.

Picking up the Counter Materia

Elemental Materia
This Materia can be paired with any elemental-type Materia to have an equipped weapon take on those properties. Equipping it on an armor will cause that armor to cause half damage, to nullify the damage altogether or to absorb the damage (depending on the level of the Materia). This can be incredibly beneficial on specific fights listed throughout the walkthrough.

There are two Elemental Materia available for pickup. The first can be found in the Shinra Building on the 62nd floor in the library. The second can be found at the Mako fountain that Sephiroth and Cloud first come across during the pass through Mount Nibel.

The newly formed Elemental Materia

Final Attack Materia
Allows a character to use the paired Materia as soon as they are KO’d on the battlefield. This can be extremely effective if it is paired with Phoenix Materia (which will then revive the KO’d character) or Revive Materia, but it can be paired with nearly any Command or Magic Materia.

Final Attack Materia can be picked up at Battle Square in Gold Saucer by earning enough BP. Check out the Battle Square side quest section for more information.

HP Absorb Materia
This Materia can be paired with Magic Materia or Command Materia to cause it to absorb HP anytime you use that Materia. The amount of HP restored is equal to 10% of the damage done by the attack.

HP Absorb is picked up in Wutai during the side quest with Yuffie. It can be picked up on disc 3 as well if you did not complete the side quest in Wutai. It can be picked up in the basement of Yuffie’s house with all of the cats.

Picking up the HP Absorb Materia in Yuffie’s basement

Magic Counter Materia
Similar to Counter Attack Materia and Counter Materia but this one is used to counter attack with the paired Materia which can be either Magic Materia or Command Materia. It automatically selects the highest level of spell or ability that you have access to (for example, Bolt3 over Bolt2).

You can pick up the Materia in the Northern Crater hidden in a wall (shown in the screenshot) or as a prize for Chocobo Racing (if you get lucky).

Picking up the Magic Counter Materia from the glowing wall

MP Absorb Materia
Works exactly the same way as HP Absorb Materia except that it absorbs some MP instead of HP. The amount of MP restored is equal to 1% of the damage dealt.

MP Absorb Materia is obtained in Wutai. It can be found in a chest in the item shop and can only be obtained by completing the Wutai side quest. It cannot be obtained in Disc 3.

MP Absorb Materia in the Item Store

MP Turbo Materia
This Materia causes extra MP to be used which causes Magic Materia to be more powerful and for magic-based attacks to do more damage. It can be paired with Summon Materia as well.

MP Turbo Materia can be picked up in the Whirlwind Maze on the way to the Northern Crater. You cannot obtain it if you missed it during your pass through.

Picking up the yellow MP Turbo Materia in the Whirlwind Maze

Quadra Magic Materia
Allows the paired Materia to be used 4 times for the price of 1 and all during the same turn. The damage of each attack is cut in half. It can be paired with Magic Materia or Summon Materia though it will not work with Knights of the Round Summon Materia.

Quadra Magic Materia is found in one of the Materia Caves and can be reached by completing the Chocobo Racing and Breeding side quest.

Materia Cave

Sneak Attack Materia
Offers a chance that the paired Materia will be used at the beginning of the battle. Each level of the Materia increases the chance that it will be used (up to a maximum of 80%).

Sneak Attack Materia can be purchased in Battle Square at the Gold Saucer using BP (Battle Points). Check out the Battle Square section for more information.

Steal as Well Materia
Offers an opportunity to use the Steal Command anytime that the paired Materia is used. This Materia can be paired with almost anything including Magic, Summon and Command Materia.

This Materia can be obtained in the Da-Chao Fire Cavern which is located in Wutai.

Picking up the Steal as Well Materia