Fort Condor
Defending the Fort Condor against the Shinra Assault Forces

Fort Condor is involved in a number of small side quests which can be completed throughout the game. Check out the Fort Condor side quest section for more information.

This section of the walkthrough pertains to Disc 2 when Cid ventures from North Corel to Fort Condor in search of the Huge Materia.

Fort Condor on the World Map

Enter Fort Condor and speak to the man blocking the pathway. He will ask for assistance with defending Fort Condor from Shinra attacks. Agree to help him and then follow him up the pathway.

Fort Condor from the World Map

Speak to the man sitting at the table once you reach the interior of the fort and listen to his story about the locale. Climb the ladder on the left side and proceed upward.

Cid entering Fort Condor

Watch Room

You can take a look out the window in the Watch Room to see the Condor perched outside atop the reactor. Speak to the man standing lookout from more information about strategy, how to hire soldiers and how to conduct the actual battles.

Watch Room at the top of Fort Condor

You have had the opportunity to conduct the Fort Condor operations ever since your first trip to Junon, but at this point in the game your characters have become strong enough that the boss you will fight for losing is a pushover.

You can also receive a great reward for battling the boss and you can save money by not spending gil on expendable combat units.

The Condor atop Fort Condor

With that in mind, it is recommended that you simply avoid hiring and placing any soldiers and wait for the enemy to reach the base and engage you in combat. You will be thrust into a boss-type battle against CMD. Grand Horn.

Starting the game at Fort Condor
Boss Battle: CMD. Grand Horn
Boss Battle against CMD Grand Horn at Fort Condor

HP: 8,000
Reward: Imperial Guard

This boss only has 8,000 HP which means it will go down quite easily. Keep yourself healed up as it can use Quake magic against your entire party. It will use one final “Grand Attack” before it dies.

Battle against CMD Grand Horn

Take the doorway outside of the Watch Room which leads up to the “top of the mountain”. Pick up the Phoenix Materia lying on the ground. Speak to the old man at the table inside the mountain again to pick up the Huge Materia.


In order to obtain the Bahamut ZERO Materia later on in the game, which will reward you with the Bahamutype-0 Trophy as well, you need to obtain a number of items including each of the four Huge Materia with this one being the second out of the four.

You may want to consider restarting your game if you were unsuccessful in defeating the CMD. Grand Horn boss at the top of Fort Condor as there is no way to obtain this trophy unless you retrieve this Huge Materia.

Bahamutype-0 Trophy Icon
Fort Condor

You can now purchase Items and Materia in the shops that were previously closed for business. The items include the following:

Phoenix Downs

The Materia Store sells a number of Materia that you could not purchase previously including:

Throw Materia
Manipulate Materia
Deathblow Materia
Destruct Materia
All Materia

Picking up Phoenix Materia in Fort Condor
Receiving the Huge Materia from the old man

Cid will suggest returning to Mideel to pay Cloud a visit - head to Mideel once you exit Fort Condor.