Returning to Mideel
Rescuing Cloud and the Lifestream Sequence

This is the second visit to Mideel. If this is your first time to Mideel and you are currently searching for Cloud you should check out the walkthrough of the first visit to Mideel.

Return back to the clinic to talk to Tifa and Cloud. The ground will start to rumble and Cid and his team will be thrown into battle against Ultimate Weapon.

Cid at the entrance to Mideel
Cid in the Mideel clinic

Boss Battle: Ultimate Weapon

The battle against Ultimate Weapon is one of endurance. Ultimate Weapon has 100,000 HP but the goal of this fight is not to defeat the boss but to last long enough for Ultimate Weapon to flee the battle which happens after several turns.

Use Big Guard from your Enemy Skill Materia and Regen off your Restore Materia if you have leveled it high enough.

Make sure that you steal a Curse Ring during the battle as this accessory is particularly rare.

Boss Battle against Ultimate Weapon in Mideel
Ultimate Weapon in Mideel

HP: Runs away after a certain amount of hits
Reward: None

A video demonstration of this battle is included below for reference:

Helpful Hint… (Repeated)

This is the second Curse Ring that you can obtain. As a reminder, this ring can be used to increase one of your character’s stats but it comes with the drawback of automatically inflicting the “Death Sentence” status which will kill that character after 60 seconds.

You can counter the effects of the ring and prevent the “Death Sentence” from killing your characters by equipping them with an Added Effect Materia paired with either the Odin Materia or a Destruct Materia.

Make sure that you pair these two Materia together on your Armor! This will make that character immune to the “Instant Death” status effect allowing them to equip and use the powerful Curse Ring accessory.

The next section of the game includes a heavy amount of dialogue.

Cloud and Tifa in Mideel
Cloud and Tifa entering the Lifestream

Lifestream Sequence (Cloud’s Subconsciousness)

You will regain control of Tifa in a dream world surrounded by images of Cloud. The first Cloud you should speak to is the one sitting in front of the image of Nibelheim at the back of the screen.

Cloud and Tifa in the Lifestream dream sequence
Cloud and Tifa in the Lifestream dream sequence

The next Cloud to speak to is the one standing near the well on the left side of the screen.

Cloud and Tifa in the Lifestream dream sequence
Cloud and Tifa in the Lifestream starry night scene

Speak to the Cloud on the lower right side of the screen next. Follow Cloud back to Nibelheim and walk towards the town.

Cloud and Tifa looking in the window to Tifa’s bedroom
Everyone’s waiting for this part of the game to end


Just travel back to the Operations room to maneuver things around and then speak to the Learner Pilot when you are ready to go.

Cloud in the Operations Room of the Highwind
Cloud at the head of the Highwind

The next stop is back at Junon to explore the Underwater Reactor.