The town of Mideel is the next official stop for continuing the story, but now that you have access to the Highwind there are a number of side quests that you can complete before hand many of which involve revisiting towns that you have previously been to.

Note that you may have already completed the first two side quests listed below if you have been following this guide all the way through.

Purchase some Mimett Greens from Choco Billy at the Chocobo Farm before you travel to Mideel.

Tifa at the Chocobo Farm
Purchasing Mimett Greens

Lastly, you may want to take this opportunity to revisit Costa del Sol as there are a number of new weapons that you can purchase from the Weapon Shop. This includes:

Solid Bazooka
Spiral Shuriken
Long Barrel R
Gold M-phone

The hot springs town

The town of Mideel is located on the southeastern continent and is identified by a red dot on the mini-map (which you can pull up at any time using the Select button).

Mideel from the World Map

There is an Item Store near the entrance that sells the regular items including the following:

Phoenix Downs

This is the first time that you can purchase a Remedy item. They are fairly expensive to purchase but they can cure nearly all status effects so they are quite helpful. Don’t purchase too many of them as the Ribbon accessories that you’ve recently acquired should be preventing you from being afflicted by many status affects already.

Cid near the back of Mideel

The Materia Store is located on the far right side of the screen. You can purchase the following Materia:

HP Plus Materia
MP Plus Materia
Transform Materia
Gravity Materia
Destruct Materia

The Weapon Store is located up the stairs on the second level - the one with the girl in the blue dress standing out front. There are a number of great weapons and armor for sale including:

Crystal Sword
Crystal Glove
A·M Cannon
Crystal Comb
Crystal Cross
Crystal M-phone
Crystal Bangle
Wizard Bracelet

The lady that you see in each of the stores is the same woman with the same little white Chocobo. Speak to the Chocobo inside one of these stores and Tifa will offer to feed it the “Samolen Greens”. This is another typo in the game as Samolen Greens do not exist. This typo has been corrected in the PlayStation 4 version of the game but they misspelled it again as “Mimmet Greens”.

Feeding the Chocobo the Samolen Greens / Mimett Greens

Choose to give it some “Samolen Greens” and you will actually feed it the Mimett Greens that you should have purchased.

After that, choose to “Tickle behind his ears” and the Chocobo will give you the Contain Materia.

Scratching the baby Chocobo behind its ears

Contain Materia has some of the most powerful spells in the game once you get it leveled up. Tornado and Flare magic are on par with magic like Ultima and Comet. Very good Materia to equip on any of your more “magic-focused” characters.

Inspect the door at the back of the Weapon Store to confirm that it is locked. This needs to be done before you can proceed to the next steps.

Examining the door at the back of the Weapon Store

Go across the wooden bridge to the left side of the screen and just to the left of the man in purple and you will hear the ground make a noise as you walk over it. Examine the ground to find a “Beat-up Useless Old Key”.

Finding the beat-up useless old key in Mideel

Take the key back to the Weapon Store and attempt to use it on the door at the back. The man at the counter will ask Tifa what she is doing. You will have the option to either “Lie your butt off!” or “Tell them the truth!”.

Choose to tell the store owner the truth. The store owner will then hand over a Curse Ring accessory.

Tifa and the others received Curse Ring

Proceed to the north end of Mideel to continue with the story. Tifa will stop and talk to the dog before finding out that Cloud was found in Mideel and is in the clinic nearby.

Overing the two men talk about Cloud

The story will continue for some time with Tifa deciding that she is going to stay behind with Cloud in Mideel.

Finding Cloud in the Mideel clinic

You will regain control as Cid aboard the Highwind. Walk over to the Operation Room and speak to the man inside.

Cid on the Highwind

Choose your party and spend some time equipping them with Materia, armor and weapons. Tifa’s Materia, if she had any equipped, will be back in your inventory. Speak to the (now LV6) pilot in training when you are ready to go.

Cid talking to the pilot in training aboard the Highwind

Fly back down to Mideel before you go anywhere. There was one final house in Mideel that you never had the opportunity to explore near the area where Tifa found the dog and behind the two men that were overheard talking about Cloud.

Enter the house to find a gigantic Elixir sitting on the bed.

The Elixir on the bed that Cid steals

You should also take this opportunity to purchase weapon upgrades for your characters if you need them. You have now likely been forced to make use of characters that were not normally in your primary party and you may not have been purchasing weapons for them along the way.

Cid’s team will be exposed to some battles shortly so make sure that they are fully prepared to fight.