Returning to Cosmo Canyon
Optional Side Quests

Red XIII’s hometown will be revisited a number of times after your first visit on Disc 1.

Disc 2 Visit

Return to Cosmo Canyon after you have escaped from Junon on the Highwind. You will have to park the Highwind a fair distance away from the city as the game will not let you land the Highwind in rocky areas.

There is a ladder behind the large bonfire leading up to the Item Store. The velvet rope that was previously blocking the pathway to the door in behind the counter has now been removed.

Climbing up to the Item Store in Cosmo Canyon

In behind the Item Shop you will find a room that contains an Elixir, a Magic Source and a Full Cure Materia.

Backroom of the Item Store in Cosmo Canyon

Full Cure Materia does not have any spells associated with it when you first pick it up. It needs to be leveled with enough AP to reach level 2 before you will be able to use the FullCure spell in battle.

FullCure is a great alternative later on in the game for healing your characters once their HP gets too high, but be aware that the MP cost of using this spell is quite high.

Disc 3

Return to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII in your party and go to the top of the canyon and into Bugenhagen’s house. At the end of the scene Bugenhagen will give Red XIII his ultimate weapon, Limited Moon.