Locations Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol is the seaside resort town that the team reaches when they hop on the Cargo Ship. The ship takes them from Junon on the eastern continent right to Costa del Sol. Check out the Costa del Sol walkthrough page for additional details.

Costa del Sol on the world map

The town itself is very small and there really isn’t much that you can do in it before leaving. There are a few shops and the Presidential Villa (or Shinra Villa) that you can purchase for 300,000 gil. What does purchasing the villa get you? Absolutely nothing. The signage will change to read “Cloud’s Villa”. That’s it.

Entrance to Costa del Sol

You can return to Costa del Sol while you are exploring the western continent and speak to the Sailor near the dock and the Cargo Ship will take you back to the dock in Junon.

There are some shops that you can visit while in Costa del Sol which sell the items listed below. Note that some additional items are added after the events at the Whirlwind Maze once Meteor has been cast:

The map below shows the location of the Costa del Sol on the World Map:

Costa del Sol Location