Second Visit Walkthrough

This portion of the guide is for the second visit to Junon on Disc 2. If you are on Disc 1 and have not been to Junon yet you should check out the Junon section on Disc 1.

Tifa and Barret in the infirmiry of Junon
Junon with Meteor in the background

Tifa and Barret will awaken in a cell somewhere inside Junon. They are to be executed for somehow causing the summoning of Meteor.

Follow the group of Shinra Guards and Tifa along through Junon. There is a Save Point part way along the path that you can use but there is nothing else that can be done for now besides following Tifa.

Note: Take this time to arm Barret with weapons, armor and some Materia for some upcoming fights that he will have to partake in.

Barret traveling through Junon in handcuffs
The press room of Junon

The alarm will sound in the press conference room and Cait Sith and Barret will be thrown into battle against two Shinra Attack Squad Guards. This fight can tend to be fairly long and drawn out if you do not have any Materia equipped on either Barret or Cait Sith.

Just keep hammering away with regular attacks until the fight is over and use Hi-Potions or X-Potions out of your inventory if you run into trouble.

Cait Sith will free Barret who will then attempt to free Tifa from her cell to no avail. Following that there will be a few more cinematic scenes involving Junon, the big cannon (aka the Sister Ray) and Weapon.

Junon opening fire against the Weapon
Weapon under fire from Junon

Once you regain control of Barret take a few minutes to properly equip Barret and Cait Sith with at least some weapons and Materia before you speak to Cait Sith near the entrance/exit.

Take a right when you get outside of the press room. Speak to the woman dressed up like a reporter as you pass to find out that it is actually Yuffie in disguise. Another short cutscene will follow while you speak to her and she will join your party.

Barret and Cait Sith escaping the press room
Yuffie posing as a reporter in Junon

Continue towards the camera until you reach the Junon Airport pictured in the screenshot below. Use the yellow control panel to raise the platform up to the top level and then run towards the huge airship off in the distance to continue the story.

Barret at the Junon Airport
The Highwind docked in Junon

Gas Room

The story returns back to Tifa who is slowly being gassed in the execution chamber. There is no time limit for completing these actions as Tifa can apparently hold her breath forever. In order to get yourself free you will have to press the following buttons:

- X Button twice to bring the key closer to Tifa
- Triangle Button to have her sit back in the chair
- X Button and Triangle Button to have her pass the key up from her feet to her mouth
- Triangle Button and either Square Button or Circle Button to pass the key from her mouth to her hand
- Either Square Button or Circle Button to unlock the opposite hand.

Press the orange button on the left side to stop the gas from pouring out. Try to open the door from the inside for another cutscene involving Weapon. Tifa will climb out of the opening in the hole.

Tifa struggling to escape from the Gas Room
Tifa escaping from the Gas Room down the Sister Ray

Travel down towards the end of the cannon with Tifa. Scarlet will corner Tifa once she reaches the end. A short fight will ensue between the two of them - just press Circle as many times as you can in an attempt to win the fight, but there are no consequences to winning or losing the bitch slap contest.

Tifa running down the Sister Ray in Junon
Tifa at the end of the Sister Ray in Junon

Barret and the rest of the crew will show up just in time to save Tifa off the edge of the cannon in their fancy new Airship, the Highwind. Travel down to the lower floor and follow Barret and Cait Sith towards the cockpit.

The Highwind escaping from Junon
The Highwind flying past Junon

You need to speak to Red XIII, then to Cid near the wheel and then talk to the co-pilot standing at the wheel. Cid will tell you to go to the operation room which is located back outside the Cockpit near the back of the main floor (shown in the screenshot below).

Talk to the man on the left to form your party - speak to him again and you can refill your HP/MP or save your game.

Tifa speaking to Red XIII in the Highwind cockpit
Tifa entering the Operations Room of the Highwind

Speak to the co-pilot in the cockpit next to Cid again to gain control of the Highwind. You can now fly all over the world map!

The Highwind just outside of Junon

The next official stop is Mideel but there a number of side quests that you can do before hand. Each of these are listed on the next page.