Returning to Rocket Town
Optional Side Quests

You can revisit Rocket Town anytime after you obtain the Highwind on Disc 2. Head into the Weapon Store on the left side of the screen to find a treasure chest that contains a Fourth Bracelet which is a very powerful piece of armor.

Entrance to Rocket Town with Tifa
Finding the Fourth Bracelet in the Rocket Town Weapon Store

There is also a treasure chest in the back of the Item Store that contains a Guard Source.

After the Shinra Rocket No. 26 Launch

You can also revisit Rocket Town one last time after you have retrieved the fourth and final Huge Materia after the Shinra Rocket No. 26 gets launched into outer space. Click on the link for more information about that section of the game.

Return to Rocket Town and speak to the man in front of the Item Store three times and he will reward you with the Venus Gospel, Cid’s Ultimate Weapon.

Picking up Cid’s Ultimate Weapon, Venus Gospel, in Rocket Town