Ozmone Plain

This is the second visit to the Ozmone Plain and it comes following the visit to the Garif village of Jahara. Click on the following link to take you back to the first walkthrough section for the Ozmone Plain if this is your first visit.

Battling a Wu in the Ozmone Plain

Make sure that you have spoken to Low-Chief Sugumu back in Jahara before you leave in order to initiate Hunt 10: The Defense of Ozmone Plain (assuming you picked up the Bill No. 8 for Enkelados back in Rabanastre). You should also speak to Gurdy near the Chocobo Stables to use the free Chocobo ride that War-Chief Supinelu promises you.

You now have Larsa back in your party. Larsa’s attacks are quite powerful and he has an unlimited supply of Hi Potions which he will use on your party members as their HP drops in the original PlayStation 2 version of the game. In the PlayStation 4 Zodiac Age version of the game, he draws his Hi-Potions directly from your inventory, so be sure to remove that Gambit if you don’t want him wasting all of your Hi-Potions.

He is a very useful addition and having him in your party as a guest makes it much easier to complete the two hunts listed below.

Walking through the Haulo Green area of Ozmone Plain

The first Mark, Enkelados, can be found in the Ozmone Plain in an area called The Shred. It is located in the easternmost part of the Plain:

Now that you have Larsa, it is also a lot easier to contend with a much tougher Hunt. Note that this Hunt may still prove difficult for inexperienced players (due to the amount of HP that Gil Snapper has) but it can be completed now.

Completing this Hunt and obtaining the rewards involves returning to the Giza Plains during the dry season. Check the Rain and Dry in the Giza Plains section for more information on the weather patterns or you can hold off on obtaining the rewards until later on in the game.

Return to the Ozmone Plain and travel eastward through the Field of Fallen Wings, east again through the Dagan Flats and east one more time through the Field of Light Winds.

Map of the Ozmone Plain

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Sunlit Path

There is a short cutscene that takes place when you first enter the Sunlit Path. Basch and Ashe will discuss the next steps in the fight to defend Dalmasca. Another cutscene takes place between a few of the Judges in Archades.

Cinematic as the team enters the Sunlit Path in the Ozmone Plain

Save your game using the Save Crystal and continue eastward into the Golmore Jungle.

Injured Bangaa in the Sunlit path with a Save Crystal