Ozmone Plain

Field of Fallen Wings

There are three optional Espers which you can fight and obtain now that you have reached the Ozmone Plain. It should be noted that these fights are extremely difficult at this stage of the game and it is recommended that you do not attempt any of these three fights just yet. This guide will include references later on when it is more appropriate to attempt these fights:

The Ozmone Plain is located directly south of the Giza Plains and the first area that you will enter is called the Field of Fallen Wings. The area is full of a number of flying-type enemies which cannot be hit with regular weapon attacks.

Take some time to set up some Gambits on your characters that will cause them to switch to different attacks when faced with a flying enemy. Check out the Flying-Type Enemy section of the Gambits page for more information.

Entrance to Ozmone Plain coming from the Giza Plains
Traveling through the Ozmone Plain

Use the map below to help you navigate your way through the Ozmone Plain – the general direction that you should be headed is to the south into The Switchback and then south one more time into an area called the Haulo Green. Do not venture into the cave that can be found here (which leads into the Henne Mines) as this area is home to an Esper and some fairly powerful enemies. Travel west when you reach the Haulo Green area towards Jahara.

Map of the Ozmone Plain

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