Giza Plains

This is the second visit to the Giza Plains with the first visit being much earlier in the game – the first one being directly after the visit to Old Dalan in Lowtown. Click on the following link to return to the first Giza Plains walkthrough page earlier in the game.

The first thing that you will notice is that the Giza Plains are now out of the dry season and into the rainy season. As a result, the layout of the Giza Plains has completely changed and there are a ton of new enemies in the area. Once you have completed some of the events coming up (in the Eruyt Village, specifically) the weather will begin to cycle between two seasons referred to as “The Dry” and “The Rain”. Check out the Rain in the Giza Plains tips and tricks section for more information on how to cycle the weather.

Entering the Giza Plains during the Rainy Season
Giza Plains during the Rainy Season

There are a number of enemies in the area that have a random chance of appearing that look like glowing magic orbs. These Storm Elemental enemies are rare to encounter and should be avoided at this point in the game as they are extremely powerful. Run away from them if you see them as their Thundara spell can inflict damage as high as 800 HP per hit. They will begin attacking you if you use any Magick around them.

Battle against a Storm Elemental in the Giza Plains

Travel south to the Nomad Village and speak to Sadeen to initiate the next hunt. You may also want to search the Cockatrice Pen in the center of the Nomad Village as it may contain a treasure chest that contains the Regen Magick spell. The Croakadile hunt from Sadeen is one of the easier ones to complete so let’s take care of it now:

Travel to the Crystal Glade area to find another NPC named Nanau and a Save Crystal. Speak to Nanau about her Bill for the Gil Snapper and choose to accept the Hunt. The Gil Snapper is a fairly difficult Mark to defeat at this stage of the game unless you have power leveled your characters or are quite experienced with the game. It is recommended that you save the hunt for later, however players who would like more information or would like to attempt the hunt can check out the Hunt 36: Paradise Risen (Gil Snapper - Rank III) page.

Speaking to Nanau in the Crystal Glade
Map leading to Sadeem in the Giza Plains

The Gil Snapper is located in an area called the Tracks of the Beast which cannot be accessed yet. Even if you do not plan to attempt to hunt down the Gil Snapper just yet, you may as well follow the steps to gain access to the Tracks of the Beast area for later on in the game.

In order to gain access to the Tracks of the Beast area you must travel around the Giza Plains searching out Withered Trees. Approach the Withered Trees, examine them and select the option to “strike the tree”. This will cause the tree to splash into the water and drift away southeast. Once you have found all 6 Withered Trees and sent them down the river they will create a bridge allowing you to access the Tracks of the Beast.

There are six Withered Trees. You can find one of them in each of the following areas:

- Throne Road
- Nomad Village
- Gizas North Bank
- Crystal Glade
- Starfall Field
- Toam Hills

Map of the Giza Plains with the Withered Tree locations highlighted

This is all that you can do in the Giza Plains area for now. Travel southwest to the Starfall Field area and go south into the Ozmone Plain area.

Pushing over a Withered Tree in the Giza Plains

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