Golmore Jungle

Paths of Chained Light

There are a ton of negative status effects that you need to be prepared for as you enter the Golmore Jungle. The Panthers specifically have an attack that can inflict Petrify, Silence and Sleep all at the same time.

Entering the Paths of Chained Light area of the Golmore Jungle

Make sure that you set up 2 of your characters with proper Gambits to remove the negative status effects from one another – you should have a backup character ready to remove Silence from your primary healer.

Battling Panther enemies in the Paths of Chained Light

There are enemies in this southwest section of the Golmore Jungle called Hellhounds that are far too strong for you at this point in the game so be prepared to run away from them if you spot them.

Travel eastwards defeating the Panthers and Malboros that you come across and take the right in the pathway. Go down the stairs and search for a green Urn that contains the map of the Golmore Jungle.

Traveling through the Paths Chained area of the Golmore Jungle

Continue southeast until you reach the next area.

The Needlebrake

Looking at the map, the Golmore Jungle is a very large place, but most of the pathways that you can currently take are blocked off by magical barriers.

Continue eastward down the path until you see the barrier on the east side of the Needlebrake zone to initiate a short cutscene involving Fran.

Approaching the magical barrier at the Golmore Jungle

Fran will walk away from the team and down a set of stairs leading north. She will perform some type of magical incantation that will reveal a new pathway leading northwards to Fran’s homeland, the Eruyt Village, land of the Viera.

Fran revealing the pathway through to Eruyt Village fromt the Golmore Jungle

Walk down the pathway and into the next area.

Map of the Golmore Jungle

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