The Path to Esthar (Disc 3)

Once you find yourself back in Balamb Garden there are a few things that you can and should take care of before proceeding on with the story:

Obtain [Combat King 003] (Limit Break for Zell)
Learn Alexander’s Med Data ability and Med LV Up ability - you can use Cactuar Island to gain some fast AP
Use those Alexander’s abilities to obtain the materials necessary to create Doomtrain as that opportunity will be coming up shortly

After you have completed those steps you should steer Balamb Garden towards Fisherman’s Horizon (pull up the minimap if you can’t recall where to find it). The story will start up again as soon as you land at the town. Carry Rinoa along the platform and thankfully the screen will turn to black and you will not end up having to “walk” carrying Rinoa along with you for very far.

Squall and Rinoa on the bridge towards Esthar
Squall carrying Rinoa on the bridge to Esthar

Squall will carry Rinoa along the tracks for a while before pausing for a monologue. Pick Rinoa up again after he is done talking and then speak to Edea when given the opportunity. You will get to choose your party and will be given the opportunity to include Edea as a team member. Should you include Edea on your team though?

Squall, Quistis, Zell and Edea on the way to Esthar
Choosing the party members to travel to Esthar

Pros to utilizing Edea: Having Edea on your team is awesome!

Cons to utilizing Edea: Edea is not a permanent team member so any EXP she earns or kills that she makes will be wasted.

The choice is yours, so pick your team and continue on down the train tracks. Take the team and approach the chasm at the end of the tracks to move the story along.