The Great Salt Lake

The next section of the game is fairly easy but, since we are on the world map, consider saving your game before venturing too far away from the bridge exit.

Approaching the Great Salt Lakes on the World Map

Your destination is a large, seemingly empty lake very close by. Approach it to continue with the next part of the story, which involves some brief dialogue between Edea and the rest of the team. You have one more opportunity to select which team members you wish to take. The same warning about whom you select applies here (read the helpful hint below).

The entrance to the Great Salt Lakes where you get to pick which team members will be in your party including (Edea)

It’s tough to get lost in this area because there aren’t that many different directions that you can go. Unfortunately, all the different areas look very similar to one another. To make travelling through this area a bit easier, several screenshots are included below to help guide you.

Start by going forward and head straight into the next screen.

The next screen features a massive dinosaur skeleton on the right side. Instead of following the path on the left side of it, you can climb up the face of the skeleton as shown in the screenshot below. Continue to the right side of the screen.

Climbing up the dinosaur bones in the Great Salt Lake

Squall will reappear at the bottom of the screen in front of a bridge that leads across a chasm with a walkway below. Before you cross the bridge, go to the right and use a hidden Meteor Draw Point (as shown below), then cross the bridge heading north.

Drawing from the Meteor Draw Point

There is a Thundaga Draw Point as soon as you enter this next area, although there is a good chance that none of your characters need extra Thundaga magic at this point in the game. Draw from it if you need it, and then walk forward towards the ledge.

The next screen down from the Meteor Draw Point in the Great Salt Lake

As you approach, a window will pop up allowing you to press the XButton to jump down, so do that now and then make your way north into the next screen.

When the screen prompts you to jump down from the upper ledge of the Great Salt Lake

You can’t move forward in this next area, but you can travel to the left or to the right from here. The right pathway leads to a Save Point so consider saving your game. The left pathway leads to the next boss battle, although this boss fight is very easy. Travel left when you are ready.

Save Point in the Great Salt Lakes
Boss Battle: Abadon
Getting ambushed by the Abadon in the Great Salk Lakes

This is an extremely easy fight, and the game doesn’t even make you have to figure out that this is an undead-type enemy; it tells you right off the bat. Just like in the Gerogero battle back on the train car, you can use a Phoenix Down or an Elixir to kill Abadon instantly. That being said, this is an extremely easy fight even without having to rely on those mechanics.

Before you instantly one-shot Abadon, considering Drawing some Flare magic and trying to Mug a Power Wrist from it.

Boss battle against the Abadon in the Great Salk Lakes

Draw List
Level 1 to 29:

Level 30 to 100:
Mug List
1x Power Wrist
Drop List
10x Flare Stone

Follow the pathway along and to the right after you have defeated the Abadon. It naturally drifts to the right.

Passing by after defeating the Abadon

As you pass through the next screen, you will see a strange hexagonal structure that looks like a door flash on the screen from time to time. Press the XButton near the doorway to have Squall and his team climb up the ladder and in through the entryway.

Climbing the ladder leading into Esthar from the Great Salt Lakes

There are quite a few screens to go through, as well as some dialogue, but the story will keep rolling forward without you having to do much until the team lands at the entrance to Esthar. Before that, though, its time for one last Laguna Dream Sequence…