The Great Salt Lake (Disc 3)

Mapping out and describing the different areas of the Great Salt Lake is quite difficult due to each area looking very similar to the last.

Squall approaching the Great Salt Lake

You really cannot get lost in this area, but in order to ease the explanation provided through this guide there are quite a few screenshots that follow and a step-by-step walk through.

Start by heading straight through to the next screen.

The party discussing their path through to Esthar

When you arrive at the screen with the huge dinosaur bones instead of continuing along the path you should walk straight up the bones, using them like a ladder to the next level.

Climbing in the dinosaur bones in the Great Salt Lake

You can draw from the Meteor draw point on the next screen (you cannot reach this draw point from the bottom).

Drawing from a Meteor Draw Point in the Great Salt Lake

Walk across the bones that form a bridge to the north and into the next screen.

The pathways through the Great Salt Lake

Grab the Thundaga draw point. (duh!)

Drawing from Thundaga draw point in the Great Salt Lake

Walk over to the cliff and press X and you will be given the option to “Press X to jump off” which you should do now. Head north into the next screen.

Jumping down the cliff sides in the Great Salt Lake

From this screen you can head either left or right. Going to the right side yields a save point (as shown in the screenshot)…

The Save Point in the Great Salt Lake

Going to the left will throw you into your next boss battle.

Ambushed by Abadon
Boss Battle: Abadon

Level: 1 - 30
HP: 510 - 15,010

Boss battle against Abadon in the Great Salt Lakes with Edea

This boss is another Undead enemy which means that, similar to the way you could easily destroy Gerogero, the fake president, back at this part of the game, you can also do the same to Abadon. Using a Phoenix Down an Elixir, or even casting Curaga directly on Abadon will inflict massive damage, making this fight a walk in the park. You can even draw Curaga directly from the Abadon to cast right back on it.

I would recommend drawing some Flare magic from Abadon before you kill it if your characters have not stocked up already.

Head to the right after you defeat Abadon and press X on the flashing doorway.

The team will climb a ladder and enter the “Mystery Building”. Follow the pathway along through the doorway and into the moving platform. Head out the door when it stops and, unfortunately, you are in for another Laguna dream sequence.

The elevator to Esthar
Squall, Quistis and Edea on the pathway to Esthar