Laguna Dream Sequence (Disc 3)

Lunatic Pandora Laboratory

Party Junction and Junction Exchange screen prior to the Laguna Dream Sequence
Laguna in the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory

Talk to the guard near the elevator when you gain control of Laguna. Then talk to the second guard near the back door. Now talk to the Moomba (the little orange cat-thing) a few times. Talk to the guy in the green shirt next and then talk to the Moomba one more time. You will now have to face off against an Esthar Soldier; a mind-numbingly easy battle.

Kiros and Ward will join up with you and you will be thrown into another battle against two Esthar Soldiers and a Gesper – again, a very easy fight. Take the team and follow the other prisoner and Moomba into the same elevator.

The entrance to the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory
The elevator to the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory

Keep approaching Dr. Odine and his assistant to listen in on their conversations. You will have to keep approaching them until you overhear them discussing the Weapons Monthly magazine. Laguna, Kiros and Ward will exit the Laboratory to be met by the Moomba and the other prisoner.

After a short explanation you will regain control of Laguna, at which point you should save and then head back into the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory. Make sure to grab the [Weapons Monthly, First Issue] lying on the ground.

Take the elevator back down and you will encounter Dr. Odine one floor down. Time to fight two more Esthar Security Guards with an Elastoid backing them up. Follow Dr. Odine back up to the main floor.

Battle against an Elastoid
Doctor’s Assistant suggesting that Laguna travel to Odine’s Laboratory

Two more Esthar Soldiers to fight after you hop into the car. Examine the bench in the center of the room to ride on the floating platform into the next room and head through the door. Time to fight 2 more guards. Walk up to the glass at the back of the room to find Ellone.

Now examine the panel on the right side of the screen and keep examining it until it says [Unlocked]. Now ride the floating platform back to the previous room. Now walk through the door at the back of the room to conclude this dream sequence.

You can finally get back to the main game with Squall in Esthar City!