Locating the White SeeD Ship

After completing the Laguna Dream Sequence in Trabia Canyon (with the fight against the Ruby Dragon), the story continues with Squall back in the Infirmary of Balamb Garden. One of the last things he says is “Maybe Edea would know the whereabouts of the ship!” so they can track down Ellone.

Go back up to the bridge of the Garden and go back to Edea’s House. You should still be very close to it so you can probably just get out and walk the rest of the distance.

Edea’s House

Go back down to the beach behind the house and speak to Edea again. This time she will offer up the Sorceress’ Letter and will provide you with a clue to find the White SeeD Ship: “The White SeeDs may have stationed their ship [by an inlet somewhere on the Centra continent]”. Not super descriptive but definitely helpful.

Sorceress Edea explaining where the White SeeD Ship can be found

So where is the White SeeD Ship located?

Finding the White SeeD Ship can be a pain. From Edea’s house though it can be found directly north and just a little bit to the east. The ship is located in a little bay surrounded on all sides by mountainous terrain. Use the screenshot below and the map to help you find it.

Approaching the White SeeD Ship in the Mobile Balamb Garden
Where the White SeeD Ship can be found on the World Map

After you have boarded the ship and spoke with the White SeeD Leader (after he basically tells you to pound sand), head in to the center of the ship to find Watts and Zone (from the Great Train Robbery back in Timber when you met Rinoa). This is another opportunity to win the Angelo Card from Watts if you forgot to challenge him to a game of Triple Triad.

White SeeD Ship crew meeting with Squall, Quistis and Selphie on their ship

Zone will get quite angry with Squall before heading up to the bridge of the ship. Follow him up there and make sure to read the last issue of Timber Maniacs located on the floor. This should be the very last issue of Timber Maniacs for you to collect if you have been following the guide all the way through.

Zone on the bridge of the White SeeD Ship

Timber Maniacs

You should now have all of the issues of Timber Maniacs; in other words, 12 out of the 12 total magazines scattered throughout the game. This is a good opportunity to make sure that you have picked them all up.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to tell which ones your missing, if you are missing any, but use the guide below to make sure:

Enter the cabin on the back of the ship to speak with the White SeeD Leader one more time. He will explain that Ellone is no longer on the ship. Don’t forget to use the Draw Point at the front of the room which contains Holy magic, and then speak to the Leader again one more time after he goes to stare out the window at the back of the room.

Squall speaking with the leader of the White SeeD ship

There are a few things that you can take care of though before you begin making your way to Esthar.

Your next destination, on your way to Esthar, is to head to Fishermans Horizon (FH), but there are some things that you should take care of before then…