Locating the White SeeD Ship (Disc 3)

The dream sequence with Laguna will end and Squall will decide to revisit Edea’s House for some answers. Head back up to the bridge and tell Nida that you are ready to go. You can head to Edea’s House on foot.

Speak with Edea to continue the story. Edea will give you the [Sorceress’ Letter] and will tell you where to find the White SeeD Ship. Her clue is that “The White SeeDs may have stationed their ship [by an inlet somewhere on the Centra continent]”.

Edea suggesting where the team can find the White SeeD Ship in the Centra continent

So where is the White SeeD Ship located?

Finding the White SeeD Ship can be quite a pain… Exit Edea’s House and fly Balamb Garden directly north and a little bit to the east to find it. Note: The ship is obviously located in the water so head north with the Garden and enter the water.

Stay in the water and go to the right around the curve. The area where you are headed can be seen on the screenshot below.

Balamb Garden approaching the White SeeD Ship
The White SeeD Ship on the World Map

After you have boarded the ship and spoken with the White Seed Leader (and after he basically tells you to bug off) head into the center of the ship to find Watts and Zone (from the Great Train Robbery back in Timber). If you did not win the Angelo Card from Watts you have another opportunity to now.

Boarding the White SeeD Ship
Speaking with Zone on the White SeeD Ship

Follow Zone up the stairs and read the issue of [Timber Maniacs] on the floor. If you picked up the [Girl Next Door] magazine (from this part of the game) and you speak with Zone three times you can offer to give it to him. If you give it to him for free you will be rewarded with the Shiva Card and a [Rename Card]. If you make him pay for it you will get nothing.

The bridge of the White SeeD Ship
Squall speaking with the White SeeD Ship leader to obtain the Shiva Card

Walk down into the doorway at the bottom of the screen to find the leader again, at which point Squall will offer up the Sorceress’ Letter from Edea. There is a draw point in corner of this room for Holy magic – make sure not to miss it! Speak with the White SeeD Leader again to continue the story.

Drawing from a Holy Draw Point on the White SeeD Ship
White SeeD Ship

You will now find yourself back in Balamb Garden and there are a few things that you can and should take care of before proceeding on with the story:

Obtain [Combat King 003] (Limit Break for Zell)
Learn Alexander’s Med Data ability and Med LV Up ability - you can use Cactuar Island to gain some fast AP
Use those Alexander’s abilities to obtain the materials necessary to create Doomtrain as that opportunity will be coming up shortly