Laguna Dream Sequence (Disc 3)

Trabia Canyon

Selecting a party for the next Laguna dream sequence

You are back fighting with Laguna and Kiros. If you read the [Timber Maniacs] issue in Shumi Village you will not have Ward as part of your team for this dream sequence.

Filming the scenes in the Trabia Canyon
Director filming in Trabia Canyon

When you get to the Ruby Dragon challenge just press Triangle over and over again to attack and you will ensure that the Ruby Dragon does not get any big attacks in. This mini-game is much easier than fighting the Galbadian Soldier.

You will be presented with two options before engaging in battle with the Ruby Dragon. If you choose “H-Hold on a sec…” over “Here we go!!!” you will be given the opportunity to junction Guardian Forces and magic, so take the break to junction again if you need to.

Battle against a Red Dragon in the Trabia Canyon
Selecting to initiate the battle against the Red Dragon

Make sure you do not junction Fire or Wind magic to your Elemental-Attack junction or you will just heal the Red Dragon each time you attack. You new Guardian Force, Alexander, is a great way to inflict some heavy damage against the Ruby Dragon because the dragon is weak to Holy type attacks like that of Alexander.

A very handy tactic for this fight is to utilize Tonberry’s LV Up and LV Down. If you level the Ruby Dragon up to level 45 or higher you can draw both Flare and Meteor magic from it. Just make sure to level it back down so that you do not gain too much experience from the fight, as this will cause you all kinds of problems down the line.

The Ruby Dragon is susceptible to Sleep magic that will allow you to draw from it for a while without taking any damage.

Laguna and Kiros battling against the Red Dragon

A bit more talking and the dream sequence with Laguna is concluded.