Visiting Edea’s House (Disc 3)

Squall in his bed in Galbadia Garden
Squall indicating that they should head to Edea’s House

Your next mission is to pilot Balamb Garden over to Edea’s House. Make your way up to the bridge and then fly Balamb Garden towards Edea’s House. Balamb Garden is already very close to Edea’s House so you do not have to go far.

Balamb Garden approaching Edea’s House
Squall looking upon Edea’s House on the world map

Enter the house and read the issue of [Timber Maniacs] lying on the ground. Speak with Cid when he pops his head out and then follow him out to the beach to meet up with Edea.

At the entrance to Edea’s House
Meeting up with Headmaster Cid at Edea’s House

In between some of the story you can choose to challenge Edea to a game of cards. She holds her own card (the Edea Card), but beating her can be extremely difficult. You are going to have to deal with the Random rule which is prevalent in Centra.

Author’s Note: Winning the Edea Card to be an incredibly painful process. Here are a few of the tactics that can be employed in order to win:

1) Save outside of Edea’s House and reset if you lose any of your good cards
2) Card Mod your lower level cards (page five or lower) to ensure a higher likelihood that the Random rule will still result in you receiving a half-decent hand to play with
3) Have a firm understanding of the way Same and Plus function. The two rules are rather complex but with an elementary understanding of the two rules you should be able to prevent yourself from setting Edea up for an easy victory
4) Reset, reset and reset some more until you walk away victorious

I am ashamed to admit that this took me nearly 20 tries to complete, so do not feel bad if you have to hit reset a few times.

Keep speaking to her until you work your way past all of the story parts.

When Squall finds himself back in the Garden you should make your way down to the Training Center. Take the left path and you will come across [Weapons Monthly, July Issue]. Now head over to the infirmary to visit Rinoa.

Squall in the Training Center in Balamb Garden
Squall meeting up with Rinoa in the Infirmary

Time for another Laguna interlude.