Visiting Edea’s House

Following the conclusion of the battles in Galbadia Garden, your next mission is to travel back to Edea’s House in order to delve more into the story of Matron.

You’ll regain control of Squall in the infirmary after he checks in on Rinoa. Head up to the bridge of Balamb Garden and take control of the ship.

Squall standing over Rinoa in the Balamb Garden Infirmary

You won’t have far to fly. In fact, Edea’s House should be visible in the distance (as shown in the screenshot below). Exit the ship and walk into the small white structure in front of the lighthouse.

Squall approaching Edea’s House on the World Map with Balamb Garden nearby

Enter the main building and grab the Timber Maniacs magazine sitting on the ground when you first enter.

Squall picking up the Timber Maniacs issue in Edea’s House

There is a fair bit of dialogue that takes place at the orphanage explaining how Edea had been possessed. There isn’t much to do in this area other than carry the story forward, but there is one last card that you should obtain before you leave.

Squall, Quistis and Selphie having a discussion with Sorceress Edea and Cid

Exit Edea’s House back out to the world map and jump back into Balamb Garden.

Training Center

Once you are back inside the Garden, make your way down to the Training Center. Take the pathway leading off to the left when you reach the fork in the road and look for Weapons Monthly, July Issue, sitting on the ground.

Picking up the Weapons Monthly July Issue from the Training Center

Now head over to the Infirmary to visit Rinoa. After a bit of internal dialogue from Squall, its time for another Laguna Dream Sequence…

Squall speaking to Rinoa in the Balamb Garden Infirmary