This is the second visit to Bhujerba and it occurs after Vaan and his team have completed the events in the Lhusu Mines. Return to the first Bhujerba walkthrough page by clicking on the link or using the back button at the bottom of the page.

Another cutscene takes place as the team exits the Lhusu Mines. Vaan, Balthier and Fran witness Lamont (aka Lord Larsa) with Penelo as they speak to the Judge. Balthier will explain that Lamont is actually the brother of Lord Vayne.

Balthier and Basch discussing the plan to increase his notoriety in Bhujerba

Walk up the stairs and approach the Save Crystal to initiate another short cutscene. Basch, Balthier and Vaan will attempt to raise a clamor in the city and attempt to spread the word that Basch is still alive.

This is the lead-in to the next mini-game which involves traveling around the Skycity of Bhujerba and “testifying” close to citizens in order to build notoriety by pressing the SquareButton.

Notoriety increase by pressing Square Button

The notoriety status bar is located towards the top of the right corner of the screen. Vaan needs to testify and spread notoriety to enough of the citizenry to move forward with the story.

Vaan speaking to a City Parijanah in Bhujerba

There are three types of citizens that Vaan can testify around. Regular citizens, which includes Bhujerbans, Lhusu Miners, Cloudborne Residents, Archadians, etc. which are worth 1% to 5%, City Parijanahs (which are easily identifiable by the ledgers that they carry) are worth the most notoriety at approximately 20%, and lastly, the Bhujerban Sainikah NPCs will actually lower your notoriety meter, so do not testify to them or around them.

Passing a Bhujerban Sainikah

Vaan will be ambushed in another cutscene by the Bhujerban Parijanahs and taken to a hideout in the back of the Cloudborne Tavern.

Vaan getting ambushed in the streets of Bhujerba

Balthier and Basch will join Vaan in the hideout before cutting to another scene with Penelo and Lord Larsa.

Basch showing his face in the hideout of the Cloudborne Tavern

The story continues back on Travica Way in an area indicated by a Red X on the mini-map, but before heading there, there are a number of hunts and side quests that you can complete.

Inside the Cloudborne tavern, located very close to where you regain control of Vaan outside the hideout, is another Notice Board. Read the Notice Board to find Bill No. 4 which details the next Hunt you can complete (Nidhogg).

Note that all of the Hunts, side quests and the Level Grinding section listed below are optional. You can travel directly to the Red X on the map in Bhujerba to continue the story. If you wish to do so, skip to the next section of the walkthrough (Dreadnought Leviathan).

Now that you have left the Cloudborne Tavern, each of the shops have a few new items that you can purchase, which includes some new weapons and armor. You may wish to purchase some of these as the next Mark is extremely difficult.

There is a chance that you will not be able to defeat Rocktoise at this point in the game, and while the strategies listed on the page below should be helpful, you can always come back if required.

There is another side quest that you can complete once you have defeated Rocktoise. Speak to Pilika again after claiming the reward to initiate the quest.

The last two things that you can do involve traveling back to the Rabanastre area. Make your way to the Aerodrome on the west side of Travica Way. The Save Crystal in the Aerodrome is orange which indicates that you can use a Teleport Stone to warp to other orange Save Crystals that you have located throughout the game.

Choose to travel to Rabanastre. Head to Migelo’s Sundries (the item shop) and stock up on Gold Needles (at least 10) before heading on towards the next mark.

The last thing that you can do before moving on with the game is to speed level by utilizing the Dustia Trick. This trick exploits a flaw in the game’s timing and programming in order to repeatedly kill a high level monster, therefore you may or may not wish to utilize it.

Some would consider it a form of cheating your way through the game and it can cause you to get ahead of where your characters should normally be in terms of EXP, levels and gil. You certainly do not need to utilize the trick but this guide will include it for informational purposes.

Make sure that you have purchased the Warmage’s Monograph (Forgotten Grimoire) before you travel to the Corridor of Sand.

Travel back to the Skycity of Bhujerba using an orange Save Crystal and make your way to the Red X on the map to continue the story. There are a large number of cutscenes which take place after you speak to the Bhujerban Sainikah and confirm that you are ready to speak to the Marquis.

Speaking to the Bhujerban Sainikah on Travica Way to continue to the story
The palace of the Skycity of Bhujerba cinematic