Pilika’s Diary
Side Quest

This side quest can be completed after you have completed Hunt 34: The Cry of Its Power and defeated/returned Rocktoise. Hunt 34 can be completed as early as the second visit to Bhujerba after completing the Lhusu Mines but may be completed afterwards due to the difficulty in defeating Rocktoise.

Check out the Hunt page for more information:

Pilika will give you a reward after completing the Hunt. Speak to her again one more time to initiate the side quest. As a reminder, Pilika is located in the Khus Skygrounds area of the Skycity of Bhujerba. She is a tiny moogle who is located on the ledge in the southern area.

Her plan is to move somewhere where Rocktoise can stay out of trouble. She mentions that, before she can do this, she needs someone to retrieve her Diary for her from Clio’s Technicks. In order to gain access to the second floor of the Technicks shop, Pilika gives Vaan a Merchant’s Armband (key item).

Speaking to Pilika in the Khus Skygrounds
Pilika asking for a favor - select Sure Thing

Travel to Clio’s Technicks store which is located directly east of the Khus Skygrounds in an area called the Miner’s End. Go up the stairs to the second level and search the bookshelves for Pilika’s Diary.

You will have the option of either choosing to “Read it” or “Abstain”. It does not matter which option you select, so you may as well choose to “Read it” to hear a short little story about Pilika’s pets.

Examining the sign outside of Clio’s Technicks shop in Bhujerba
Locating Pilika’s Diary in Clio’s Technicks shop

Return to Pilika to complete the quest. She will ask you if you read it and, depending on your answer, you will receive a different reward depending on what you choose (reminder: it does not matter whether you actually read Pilika’s Diary, the rewards will remain the same, it depends on what option you select when you return the Diary to Pilika):

-“Read it.” (reward: Kilimweave Shirt)
-“I’ve done nothing.” (reward: Shepherd’s Bolero)

Note that the Shepherd’s Bolero is a slightly better reward. In the International Zodiac Job System and Zodiac Age version of the game, the rewards become:

- “Read it.” (reward: Bangle)
- “I’ve done nothing.” (reward: Jade Collar)

This side quest is now complete.

Choosing whether or not to read Pilika’s Diary
Pilika asking if you read the Diary

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