Trial Mode - Stages 41 to 50

Tips on how to complete each of the Stages and a list of the items that can be picked up from treasure chests or stolen from the enemies. Note that you need to have Diamond Armlet equipped in order to obtain the treasure listed. Opening the treasure chest without a Diamond Armlet will result in you receiving consumable and expendable items.

Stage 41
Orthros, White Mousse (x3)

TextThis battle is a similar to two of your previous fights – the one against Orthros during Hunt 35: Crime and Punishment and the fight against White Mousse during Hunt 06: Lost in the Pudding. All of the enemies are flans which make them difficult to take down with regular attacks so focus on using Magick attacks instead. Use Fire-based Magicks to defeat them the fastest.

- Uncommon: Wyrmfire Shot
- Rare: Defender

Treasure Chests:
- Aero
- Soldier's Cap

Stage 42
Cúchulainn, Foobar (x4)

TextThis battle is similar to the battle against Cúchulainn in the Garamsythe Waterway when you defeat him to obtain him as an optional Esper. The most difficult aspect of the fight is dealing with the automatic HP drain effect that is cast on all of your party members. Have your team members ready to cast a ton of healing spells and be ready to over-heal (using spells such as Curaga, Curaja and Renew when required).

Cúchulainn can use a move called Impure which inflicts the Disable and Immobilize status effect. Use Ribbons, Black Belts and casts of Esuna to prevent this.

- Common: Cameo Belt
- Uncommon: Indigo Belt
- Rare: Hermes Sandals

Treasure Chests:
- Souleater
- Heavy Coat

Stage 43
Deathclaw (x4)

TextThis battle is against regular Deathclaw enemies which are found in the Ridorana Cataract. They do not require a complicated strategy to defeat.

You can make a Pallicant enemy appear by traveling to the end of the map where the treasure chests are located.

Drops from Pallicant:
- Uncommon: Penetrator Crossbow
- Rare: Kaiser Shield
- Very Rare: Elixir

Stolen from Pallicant:
- Common: Minerva Bustier
- Uncommon: Magepower Shishak
- Rare: Dragon Mail

Treasure Chests:
- Iron Pole
- Lambent Hat

Stage 44
Antlion, Killer Mantis (x4)

TextThis battle is similar to the one against the Antlion that you face during Hunt 38: Antlion Infestation. It can potentially inflict the Disable status effect on your party members so use Black Belts, Ribbon and casts of Esuna Magick to prevent this. Also note that Antlion will use Cannibalize on the Killer Mantis enemies around it in order to regain health so you should focus on defeating the Killer Mantis enemies first.

Stolen from Antlion:
- Rare: Dragon Shield

Treasure Chests:
- Chanter's Djellaba
- Magoroku

Stage 45
Vishno, Brainpan (x2), Deidar (x2)

TextVishno will appear after all of the Brainpan and Deidar enemies have been defeated. Crusader enemies will spawn once Vishno has spawned. All of the enemies in this Stage are weak to Holy Magick.

Stolen from Vishno:
- Common: Judicer's Staff
- Uncommon: Scathe Mote
- Rare: Maximillian

Poached from Brainpan:
- Rare: Runeblade

Poached from Deidar:
- Rare: Sweep

Treasure Chests:
- Cura
- Winged Helm

Stage 46
Purobolos (x6)

TextThese bomb-type enemies are extremely easy to defeat. They are weak to Holy Magick as well so keep your White Mage casting it for both fights.

Treasure Chests:
- Recurve Crossbow
- Chainmail

Stage 47
Aeronite (x2)

TextThis battle is against two regular, run of the mill Aeronites. Switch to party members who can use ranged attacks or Magick, or alternatively, have your melee party members switch to using the Telekinesis Technick. Aeronites are weak to Thunder, Thundara and Thundaga.

Stolen or Poached:
- Common: Eksir Berries

Treasure Chests:
- Golden Shield
- Betelgeuse

Stage 48
Tower, Zombie Warlocks

TextThis battle is against Tower, a golem-type enemy, that can be found at the top of the Pharos of Ridorana. The Zombie Warlocks will continue to spawn for the duration of the fight until you defeat Tower. Tower is weak to Dark Magick (and absorbs Holy Magick) whereas the Zombie Warlocks are weak to Holy Magick (and absorbs Dark Magick).

- Assassin's Arrows

Treasure Chests:
- Bowline Sash
- Elfin Bow

Stage 49
Hashmal, Reaver (x2)

TextThis battle is similar to the battle against Hashmal at the top of the Pharos of Ridorana. You do not have to defeat the two Reaver enemies but the battle is easier if you defeat them first. This battle does not require any complex strategy. You can use the Float spell to reduce the amount of damage done by Hashmal as most of its attacks are Earth-based.

- Uncommon: Elixir
- Rare: Ribbon

Poached from Reaver:
- Rare: Greataxe

Treasure Chests:
- Storm Staff
- Storm Spear

Stage 50
Famfrit, Abaddon (x3)

TextThis battle is similar to the battle against Famfrit in the Womb of the Sun-cryst at the top of the Pharos at Ridorana – Third Ascent. During the story mode, this battle takes place during a battle with Doctor Cid, but this battle will just be focused on the Esper itself.

- Common: Hi-Ether
- Uncommon: Elixir
- Rare: Wyrmhero Blade

Treasure Chests:
- Demonsbane
- Gaia Rod

You will recieve an additional set of rewards upon completion of Stage 50 that includes 5,000 gil, 10 X-Potions and 15 Chronos Tears.