Trial Mode - Stages 31 to 40

Tips on how to complete each of the Stages and a list of the items that can be picked up from treasure chests or stolen from the enemies. Note that you need to have Diamond Armlet equipped in order to obtain the treasure listed. Opening the treasure chest without a Diamond Armlet will result in you receiving consumable and expendable items.

Stage 31
Bansat, Seeq Fisher (x4)
Trial Mode battle against Bansat and four Seeq Fishers

Bansat has turned against you! The Seeq Fishers will begin the battle with Reflect on each of them so make sure that you stop your Magick users from casting any spells on them. Use regular attacks to bring them down.

You can make an optional Apsara enemy appear by walking through sections of the water.

Drops from Apsara:
- Uncommon: Diamond Shield
- Rare: Platinum Armor
- Very Rare: Elixir

Poached from Apsara:
- Rare: Crown of Laurels

Stolen from Apsara:
- Uncommon: Power Rod
- Rare: Multiscale

Treasure Chests:
- Steel Gorget
- Argyle Armlet
- Traveler
- Tourmaline Ring
- Balaclava

Stage 32
Zalera, Dead Bones
Trial Mode battle against Zalera and Dead Bones

This battle is similar to the battle against the Esper in the Barheim Passage. Zalera will use Prime Lv. Death again which means that any party members whose level falls on a prime number (53, 59, 61, 67, 71, 73, 79, 83, etc.) will be killed. Equip one or more of your party members with a Ribbon, or potentially a Nishijin Belt or a Black Belt to deal with the Disable negative status affect that Zalera can cause. Focus on taking out the Dead Bones enemies first by setting up a Gambit such as Foe > Lowest HP: Attack.

- Common: Time Bolts
- Uncommon: Doom Mace
- Rare: Hunting Crossbow

Treasure Chests:
- Disable
- Leather Gorget
- Windbreaker

Stage 33
Scythe Mantis (x4)
Trial Mode Battle against four Scythe Mantis

This is one of the easier battles that does not require any particular strategy. Defeat all four of the Scythe Mantis’ and use this opportunity to heal up and recast positive status effects such as Protect, Shell and Bubble.

Poached from Scythe Mantis:
- Bubble Mote

Treasure Chests:
- Wizard’s Hat
- Wyrmfire Shot

Stage 34
Trial Mode battle against Marilith

This battle is similar to the battle against Marilith during Hunt 09: A Tingling Toast. Marilith, once again, will do a heavy amount of damage to your party members. Make sure to keep a tank active with Decoy, Bubble and Protect. You should also Dispel Marilith as it begins the battle with Protect, Shell and Haste automatically cast on itself.

Bogey enemies will spawn from various locations around the zone if you take the opportunity to explore.

Poached from Bogeys:
- Bubble Mote

- Common: Platinum Shield
- Uncommon: Platinum Helm
- Rare: Platinum Armor

Treasure Chests:
- Aqua
- Wizard’s Robes

Stage 35
Trial Mode battle against Adrammelech

This battle is similar to the battle against Adrammelech in the Zertinan Caverns when you go to obtain him as an optional Esper. Defeating Adrammelech is not too difficult, but it is easy to be overwhelmed by Shambling Corpses which spawn throughout the fight. Setup a Gambit to target the foe with the lowest health so that you don’t get overrun. You should also switch to party members that can hit targets that fly or have your melee party members use the Telekinesis Technick if they have access to it.

You can make Skulwyrm enemies spawn by navigating to either of the two ends of the zone.

- Common: Ras Algethi
- Uncommon: Traitor’s Bow
- Rare: Rubber Suit

Treasure Chests:
- Barbut
- Rose Corsage
- Gauntlets
- Oil Bombs

Stage 36
Dreadguard, Mirrorknight (x4)
Trial Mode battle against Dreadguard and four Mirrorknights

The Dreadguard is just a slightly stronger version of the Mirrorknight and the Mirrorknights are very basic enemies that do not require the use of any complex strategies to defeat.

Treasure Chests:
- Black Belt
- Raise
- Linen Cuirass

Stage 37
Behemoth (x5)
Trial Mode battle against five Behemoths

This battle is against the same type of Behemoth enemies that you would find inside the Ancient City of Giruvegan. Again, they do not require any complex strategies to be used in order to defeat them.

- Rare: Hammerhead

Treasure Chests:
- Amber Armlet
- Round Shield

Stage 38
Mythril Golem (x3)
Trial Mode battle against three Mythril Golems

This battle is against Mythril Golems which you would also find in the Ancient City of Giruvegan. They can be defeated quite easily.

- Rare: Gold Hairpin

Treasure Chests:
- Miter
- Steel Poleyns

Stage 39
Shemhazai, Ose (x3)
Trial Mode battle against Shemhazai and three Ose

This battle is similar to the battle against Shemhazai inside the Great Crystal. Take out the three Ose enemies surrounding her first and then keep Shell active throughout the fight to reduce the number of negative status effects that your party members will be hit by. You should equip one or two party members with a Rose Corsage or a Ribbon in order to counter Shemhazai’s use of Silencega which will prevent your party members from casting any spells. She is weak to Fire-based Magicks such as Fire, Fira or Firaga.

Poached from Ose:
- Bubble Mote

- Uncommon: Treaty Blade
- Rare: Dawn Shard

Treasure Chests:
- Main Gauche
- Magick Gloves

Stage 40
Gavial, Baritine Croc (x2)
Trial Mode battle against Gavial and two Baritine Crocs

This battle is fairly straight forward again – defeating the Croc enemies does not require the use of any overly complex strategies.

Poached from Baritine Croc:
- Hastega Mote

- Thief’s Cuffs

Treasure Chests:
- Agate Ring
- Slasher

You will receive an additional set of rewards upon completion of Stage 40 that includes: